Sunday, March 11, 2012

So the Koran Compulsory Curriculum in Pakistan

So the Koran Compulsory Curriculum in Pakistan

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, the Koran required curriculum throughoutthe state of Punjab, Pakistan, starting a new school year,these decisions set by the board of the government.

IKNA report, the state of Punjab, Pakistan, in their most recentsession of the compulsory set program soon al-Quranteaching for the students in this area.

Guidance of the Qur'an is required at every level of educationin Punjab, and the program starts at the new school year.

Under the program, students are required to follow the lessonread the Koran, its translation into the Urdu language,interpretation, and also memorizing the Koran, as well as themethods and the expansion of the Koran.

Previously, only a few letters of the Koran is taught but aftersetting the program, the curriculum covers the entire Koran isthe Koran.

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