Friday, March 9, 2012

Muslim countries reject o discuss homosexual at UN

 Muslim countries reject o discuss homosexual at UN

Arab countries and Africa chose to leave the room as a form ofprotest, on Wednesday, when the debate taken placeregarding the rights of homosexuals in the UN Human Rights Council. Rights group deviant sex offenders was discussed at the UN for the first time, since the resolution of equal rights forall people was passed in June 2011.

Member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation(OIC), the Arab and African groups, confirming their position byopting out of the room.

"Immoral behavior that is brought by the concept of 'sexualorientation' against the teachings of various religions, includingIslam," said the Pakistan delegation.

"From this perspective, to legitimize homosexuality and other private sexual behavior on behalf of sexual orientation is not acceptable to the OIC," he added, quoted by AFP.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the opening session of the debate menuyampaikan support for the gay, lesbian,transgender and bisexual. He asserted that people who behave in deviant's not alone. Ban confirmed that he defended the group's deviant.

"Any attack against you, meaning attacks on universal values ​​that the United Nations and I've sworn to defend and defend.Today, I stand with you-and I call on all countries and nations tostand with you as well, "said Ban, UN officials from SouthKorea.

In line with Ban, chief Navy Pillay UN Human Rights Council,also supports a group of people who are sexually deviantbehavior. *

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