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-Water Purification (ablution)

-Water Purification (ablution)

Distribution of Water
Water must by law be divided into three types, ie:Water is pure and can purify another thingPure water but can not cleanse the other thingUnclean water or mutanajjis, the affected water excretion
Holy Water can be purified and Other ThingsIt is divided into two:
a) Water Mutlaq:
The holy water is purified water which remain mutlaq original character creation have been made by Allah
Water is still water mutlaq said although it was changed due to a long neglected, due to the soil, moss and a stagnant or mengalirnya contain sulfur. This is because the water is difficult to avoid the matter.
Evidence showing mutlaq water purity, as saying of the Prophetwhich means:
Abu Huraira r.a.h. he said, a Bedouin stood up and pass urine in the mosque, and his companions went to prevent. Then the Prophet s.a.w. said, let him and pour over the water bucket urine.Indeed, you are asked to facilitate non-troublesome ".
Order Prophet s.a.w. to menjiruskan water to where the urine is evidence that water has purifying properties.b) Water Musyammas:
of pure water, but not encouraged to use them again purified.
Holy water purify other again, but not encouraged to use the body is not in the clothes.Musyammas water means hot water is exposed to the sun is in the states in hot climates where it can cause rust as iron, tin and others where it hurt when it hits your skin or cause it hairpiece tubuih body, leprosy and so on. As Word Rasullah s.a.w. which means: -
"From her, indeed, he had warm water in the sunlight Rasullah said nor saw him do so, O surely she dried the water can cause disease to be cured."
(Reported by Sufism)
Holy Water can be purified But Not Other ThingsIt is divided into two:
a) Water Musta'amal:
That is the holy water on him but does not cleanse the other words which mean the water is potable but not legally be used to purify things.
The water is said to lift dirt Musta'amal is the first wash in bath or ablution 'mandatory and divorced from the member.The water is said to eliminate stool Musta'amal that if the water is unchanged and not increased.Water from the trees and fruits such as water from the top made of palm sap or roots.
Changing the water two ways: -
Taqdiri change - changing water Taqdiri of water only the only decree which can not be seen as the watershed.
Hissi change - change in Hissi water is the water changed to something that can be seen as the watershed.
How mentaqdirkan water law is mixed up with something who looked like rose water that has been lost smell, taste and color.
the smell of incense shall ditaqdirkan with the a sense be ditaqdirkan with pomegranate flavor.the color should be ditaqdirkan the color of wine.If change is the legal decree musta'amal water and if not changed by the decree absolute is the ruling on the water.
The mixed water is the way: -Majawir
Mixed with the way the water changed Mujawir because including it with something that can be separated from water, such as a bucket full of water, including in it a stick of sandalwood and timber can be separated from the water, the water law is the absolute water .
Mixed with the very thing Mukhalit way into the water can not be separated from water, such as a bucket full of water inside it, including the indigo water dihukumnya Musta'amal.
b) Water Muqayyad:

Water mixed with something that turns one of the sacred character (color, taste and smell) that it would not be called again mutlaq water such as water mixed with honey, syrup and others.
Or stool Mutanajjis Water, Water The Unclean Thing contact
It is divided into two:
Sukatannya water less than two-tank and in contact with excreta unless excused, either change the properties (color, taste and smell) or not.
Sukatannya water more than two-tank and change the properties (color, taste and smell) whether the change is small or large.
Two-tank water measurements were as follows: -
If calculated with cans of kerosene, the two-tank water was of 9 2 / 3 cans
If calculated by weight, the weight of two-tank water is weighing 162.72 kg.
If the measure is calculated by a four-square, then the water would require a two-tank measuring 60 x 60 cm.

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