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Indonesian Vice President Boediono open the International Conference of Islamic Media; MWL chief to media: Defend Muslim causes

Indonesian Vice President Boediono open the International Conference of Islamic Media; MWL chief to media: Defend Muslim causes

Vice President Boediono Monday (12/12) to open the International Conference of Islamic Media to-2 in 2011 at Sultan Hotel, Jakarta. Implementation of the conference was held for four days (since December 12 to 16), which was attended by 400 participants, 130 participants of whom came from abroad.

This conference will present 20 keynote speakers from various countries. From Indonesia will look like Prof. Dr. MA Azyumardi Azra, Prof. Dr. Komaruddin Hidayat, communications expert Prof. Dr. Alwi Dahlan and Parni Hadi. The conference aims to strengthen and form a network of inter-media, particularly in countries of the Islamic world.

"In addition to solidify and form a network, the conference aims at strengthening cooperation in the context of media and information technology are experiencing significant growth," said Head of Information and Public Relations Ministry of Religious Affairs, Zubaidi.

Secretary General of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Bahrul Hayat, explaining that the participating countries will follow this conference will come from 39 countries. This conference is the result of cooperation between Indonesia with Natural Rabithah Islami (Muslim World League). This conference is the second event, previously held in 1980. At the first conference was also held in Jakarta, was born of political agreement, including conduct insistence on Islamic countries to care about the Palestinian problem.

Conference of the International Islamic Media to-one ever held in Jakarta on 1-3 September 1980 attended by 327 participants from 49 countries. When the RI delegation headed by Minister of Information. At the first conference in 1980 has produced a declaration that contains the code of ethics Jakarta Islamic journalist; determination of the Secretary General of the Natural Rabithah Islami (Ali Al Harakan) as Secretary General of the Islamic world remains Mass Media, located in Makkah, and the Establishment of the Islamic Supreme Council of Information, located in Makkah.

Bahrul Hayat added that this conference has a very strategic role for the preaching of Islam in the world. He expects this conference can remove negative streotip been reported by foreign media related to Islam in the world. ''We are also concerned to show the world that Indonesia as the world's largest Muslim population, has a democratic and moderate behavior,''said Bahr.

Bahr also asserted that the activities will be held until Thursday (15/12) future, is expected to establish cooperation with media practitioners in various Islamic countries in the world. ''The conference is not at all intend to be a political forum. But we want to make this conference as a forum to strengthen ukhuwah among the media in Islamic countries.''

MWL chief to media: Defend Muslim causes

The Muslim media should play an important role in spreading the message of Islam, said Muslim World League Secretary-General Abdullah Al-Turki on Sunday.

“Islam is a peaceful religion that offers solutions to global problems,” he said in a statement before leaving for Jakarta to attend an international Islamic media conference.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will open the three-day conference on Tuesday.

The conference titled “New Media and Information Technology: Challenges and Opportunities” is jointly organized by the MWL and the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs. More than 500 journalists from different parts of the Islamic world are expected to attend the event.

Al-Turki emphasized the need for a strong media capable of defending Muslim causes and protecting their cultural identity and called for greater coordination among Muslim media organizations. “They should also work for strengthening Muslim unity,” he pointed out.

The Muslim media should also confront extremist thoughts and ideologies and promote dialogue between Muslims and other faith communities, he said. “Interfaith dialogue will be beneficial not only for Muslims but for the entire humanity as well,” he added.

Al-Turki said the MWL had conducted a number of media-related conferences in the past to discuss problems and issues facing the Muslim media.

He hoped that the Jakarta conference would bring about a dramatic improvement in the performance of Islamic media organizations, giving them a new direction.

Hassan Al-Ahdal, director general for media and public relations at the MWL, emphasized the need for a strong Muslim media to challenge stereotypes. “We should have a strong media, including satellite channels and news agencies that can influence public opinion," he told Arab News.

He urged Muslim businessmen to invest in the media. "We don't have a strong international news agency, we don't have satellite channels that can speak to the West. We have to change this situation. We have funds and human resources," he added.

Al-Ahdal said the Jakarta conference will propose the establishment of television channels that can address the West and formation of an independent international news agency.

The conference will focus on five core topics: Contemporary Media: Components and Impact; Collaboration and Networking of Media in the Muslim World; Islamic Media Discourse; Media and Dialogue; and Proposals to Boost Muslim Media.

1.Indonesia's President Yudhoyono and Vice President Boediono attend a ceremony marking the country's 66th Independence Day in Jakarta
2.Muslim World League Secretary-General Abdullah Al-Turki.

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