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Ticket brokers

Ticket brokers

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In the dictionary of the Indonesian language, broker means any person who becomes an intermediary and provide servicesbased on wagesBrokers can be equated with a broker or intermediary.

  In this case the ticket scalpers can be interpreted by an intermediary firm transportation service providers and service users. The existence of middlemen are needed by the producer,owner of the goods or services to market their goods / services they have.

And also very much needed by the buyers / users of services toprovide accurate information so that the consumers candetermine their choice of goods / services in accordance with the wishes and their budgetBecause the needs of the owner of the goods / services and consumers will service brokers then the existence of brokers has been known since long from the time of the Prophet and qurun mufaddhalahprofessional brokers known as Dallal or simsaar.

  Their work at the time was chanting the name of the goods andsepesifikasinya so that the buyers coming into the venue topurchase the item they want. When finished shouting stuff, theyget a reward from the owner of the goods on their pekerajan.

On the basis of the need for legal services from brokers andMuamalat is permissible as long as there is no prohibitionthen the broker profession is justified in Islam and the wages they earnis lawful.

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