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Purification - wudoo '

Purification - wudoo '
Meaning wudoo 'In terms of language, wudhu 'is the name of an act of water on certain members.
In terms of the Shari'ah, wudhu 'means to clean a certain number of specific actions initiated with the intention, that is to wash your face, wash both your hands, wiping the head and finally washed her legs with the rules and tenets of the time.
Law wudoo '
Law of wudhu are as follows:Compulsory or obligatory, when to perform worship such as prayer, whether obligatory prayer or prayers, when to do tawaf circumambulate the Kaaba whether obligatory or voluntary, when to touch the Quran and so on.
Circumcision. There are many things that encouraged wudu ', among them for reading or listening to the Qur'an, reading or listening to tradition, the book of the interpretation, hadith or fiqh books, doing prayer, sitting in the mosque, make tawaf at' Arafatdo the say, visit the tomb of the Prophet, when to sleep, carrying the corpse, and even encouraged to always be in wudu 'and renew the wudhu'.
Wisdom wudoo '
Wisdom wudu 'is because the members are exposed to the outer impurities like dust, dirt, etc. and a lot of sin and evil is exposed to the outer or inner either.
Farhu wudoo '
Intention when leveling the water over the face. The intention of ablution 'are as follows:
"Only I take a small hadath because Allah Ta'ala".or
"Only I wudu 'because Allah Ta'ala".
Wash my face. Restrictions or limitations that must be washed face is from the growing hair on the top until the bottom of the chin bone and is the son of lintangannya to the tympanic ear.
Washing your hands and two elbows. For those with no elbows encouraged to wash the ends of there.Spread a little head. Can be applied in the fontanel, or other parts of the hair that is in the limit or the head, but the key is sweeping the entire head.Washing the two feet to two ankles.
Order, that committed the act from the first until the end of the order.
Terms of wudoo '
There are two conditions in wudhu is compulsory and provided legal conditions.
Necessary conditions of wudoo 'Of Islam.Puberty.Sanity.Able to use holy water and adequate.Hadath occurrence.Shrine of menstruation and childbirth.Time was limited. Wudoo 'is not required when a long time but when the time was required.
Conditions Valid wudoo '
Flatten the holy water on the skin, which acts on the smooth water washed until no member of the remaining parts.
Get rid of anything that prevents the water comes to a member of wudhu
There were no matters which may revoke the ablution 'like blood to menstruation, childbirth, urine and the like.
Sign in prayer for those who continued in a state such as people suffering hadath uncomfortable urination.
In addition, there are certain conditions wudhu according to scholars of Shafi'i sect, namely:
Of Islam.Mumayyiz.Shrine of menstruation and childbirth.Clean out anything that may impede the achievement of water to the skin.
Obligations know wudhu.Do not consider something obligatory in ablution 'as circumcision.
Removes droppings 'Aini found on the body and clothing of the wudu'.Not available on ablution members' material change of water.
Do not correlate (ta'liq) ablution intent 'with something.Water flow to parts of the ablution '.Sign in prayer for those who continued berhadath.
Muwalat, ie sequentially.
Circumcision wudoo 'Article circumcision during wudu 'is very much, among which are:
Reading "basmalah" the pronouncementWashing your hands palms up wrist.Rinsing.
Adding water to the nose.Sweeping the entire head.Sweeping the two ears.
Menyelati a thick beard.Precede the senior members of the left.Menyelati children between fingers and toes.Than to wash the hands and feet of the mandatory limit.Repeat it three times.
A row of not intervening with a long divorce between a member and the other members of the lead member is dry.
Rubbing of wudhu to be more clean.USING OF MISWAK with something offensive.Facing qiblat.
Prayer after ablution ', ie:
"I bear witness that there is no God but one God and there is no partner with Him, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger. O Lord, make me one of those who repent and make me one of those people who are clean. "
Things Cancel wudoo 'Out of the anus or qubul whether dung, urine, blood, pus, worms, wind, water, vaginal secretions or water oasis and so save his own semen because semen required when leaving the bathroom.
Irregular sleeping back, except to sleep in the two board meetings back to their seats.By reason of intoxication insane, crazy, sick, fainting or blackouts because of the insane, a person does not know her condition.
Skin contact men and women of the lawful marriage or ajnabiyyah (non-mahram) though it has died.Touching genitals (qubul and human anus) with the stomach although genital own hands.Of apostasy from Islam.

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