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Al-Quran Al-Karim

BELIEVE IN GOD the Holy Scriptures
Al-Quran Al-Karim
Holy book the Qur'an al-Karim, who was revealed by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad - The Prophet and Messenger, finally, is the last holy book of scriptures abrogated its predecessors.
Al-Qur'an al-Karim was revealed by Allah to the Prophet in human beings, especially Jews and Christians are in conflict and disputes in a variety of problems including the problem of divine and apostolic. Each side to allow the ministry and blaming others.
Al-Qur'an al-Karim, among others, has two major tasks.
First - Recognize the truth contained in the holy books before him, to worship Allah alone, believe in His Messengers, the exercise of truth and justice, the character of a noble nature, and acknowledge correct response on the hereafter.
Second - To oversee the scriptures which reveal the changes, amendments and exaggeration found in the texts by Jews and Christians.
This fact is emphasized by Allah in the Qur'an al-Karim, means:
"And We have revealed to you (O Muhammad) the Book of the Qur'an with the truth, confirming the scriptures before him and a watcher over it. (48, Surah al-Maidah)."Among the Jews there is a change (or change parts) word of God (of the Torah), the place and the intended meaning. (46, Surah An-Nisa ').
"And of those who say:` That we are the Christians, We made a covenant with them, then. They forgot (left) part of that whereof they were admonished. (14, Surah al-Maidah ).
Obviously, anyone who wants to find the truth and to achieve the divine lessons of truth, will not be anywhere other than those collected in the al-Quran al-Karim al-Qur'anlah because scriptures preserved its purity and survived teaching of any changes, amendments and exaggeration, and has been accepted by the Muslims of the Prophet Muhammad receiving from the angel Gabriel who brought the revelation from Allah

The Qur'an is a book that collects in it:(1) good policies and the true character and the best ways and rules.
(2) All required whatever the human race includes faith beliefs, their religious duties, and all forms of good manners muamalat (about the speech and human relations in business, industry, etc.).
(3) All regulations that guarantee the existence of proper persons, a noble family, the community is good and fair governmentThis fact is explained by Allah in verse 15-16, Surah al-Maidah.Among its purposes:
(1) That the children of Muhammad, had come to them - from Allah - A messenger, as a torch or flashlight to illuminate the views of the human conscience and a book of the Qur'an which states that all the love of mankind to perfection and kesentosaannya;
(2) That the Apostle and the Book, Allah, the Almighty - the rules and laws.
(A) shows the means of salvation in this world and the hereafter:
For those who accept and follow the rules and ways of life carrying a pleasure.
(B) removing people from disbelief darkness, ignorance, vice, and so forth: To the light of faith, knowledge, their religious duties and noble things.
(C) To lead people to a path that has no doubt lost to those who pass through and not heavy or hard is served, iaitulah way - "As-Siratal Mustaqin" - a straight path.
This fact is emphasized by the Prophet in hadis:
18 - From Ali, may Allah., He said: Behold, I heard the Messenger of Allah said: "Ah, indeed will happen disorder and major disaster". I asked: "What are the ways to escape from them, O Messenger of Allah?" He replied: "(The key is to hold fast to the teachings of) the Book of Allah it contains stories about peoples - who have gone before you, and news articles that will come after you, and laws about what happened between you (the Book of Allah of the Qur'an) he was the casting (between right and wrong) is not evidence of mock; any person from among theproud, left (not in accordance with the ruling) will be destroyed by God and those who seek guidance from others will be led astray by Allah, the Qur'an is the strong rope of Allah and he is the teaching of sound as a guide and he was also as-Siratul Mustaqim (Straight Path). He is the book which by reason of holding fast to its principles, a desire not to be deviated or deflected, and he is the book Words will not be mixed together or with words berkesamaran beings and scholars did not feelcontent from the content review; (men) all the beauty, sweetness and flavor will not read it even though it has diminished or disappeared with repeated read and its contents are fascinating, never-ending. He is the book that makes a group of Jinn listened unbearable during the heart to accept that they praise him by saying, "We hear the reading of Holy Quran - amazing, which leads to the right path, so we believe him." (too) who deals with things in the light of Scripture, the true word, and those who believe with his teaching, given the reward, and anyone who makes decisions based on laws, fair decision, and those who preach to the public in accordance with its teachings, would not it (and they) guidance to the Straight Way. "(Tirmizi and Darimi)
Allah says, meaning: "And ye shall hold fast to Allah, the Quran .. (103, Ali-Imran).
".. And any other instructions that are brought by the Prophet to you, so take it and eat, and whatever deny yourselves that which he withholds ban ..." (7, Al-Hashr).Third Hadith

3 - From Zaid bin Arqam, r.a. reported: The Messenger s.a.w.said: "Allah Almighty is the rope of Allah (cause that led to the mercy of Allah), those who follow: Beradalah it in guidance guidance and the true (but) those who leave: Beradalah it in error." (Muslim)The third Hadith contains:(1) Book of Allah is the way one's relationship with God.
(2) The fate of a person or bad depends on according to the Book of Allah.
First - the Book Al-Qur'an Al-Karim:He S.W.T. God the creator and the creator of all mankind in particular. Humans are not like the wood and stone, and not like the other animals, but the man is a creature that creation is composed of body and soul, and the state of the special characteristics compared with other creatures.
So then should not people just live human being, no more than that, even obligatory relationship with God is the creator, then the way one's relationship with God is none other than the Qur'an al-Karim. In the Qur'an there are clear signs, there is guidance for a person to achieve security is a form of instruction, there is a form of prohibition, either in part of worship, nor in the fields of life, which must be complied with, in Where a person is and where it lives in an age, until the Day of Judgement.

That is why the Quran is characterized by "Rope of Allah" strong strong, those who hold the Peace he, and anyone who mencuaikannya destroyed him.
Second - The fate of a person in the world we live in:Article fate is questioned by everyone in all times, especially in this age of science and technology. They tried, they act with the repair and defend his fate.
But however, they mean the fate of not more than luck in this life only, say about easy or difficult, or others; all up in the world, with no regard to the hereafter - the end of their environment, and all according birth size alone, without regard to moral and humane values, so with that reason in trying to improve and their frequent invasions over the fate of others, or affecting the dignity of oneself or another person.As to the fate to which the religion is the fate that covers the life and the hereafter, while people with his own thoughts can only find physical things in this world, albeit a very limited rate; in the case of human reality is not only physical but the physical and spiritual, so people even as their minds can not be wise to know the validity of spiritual things, especially things beyond this world.Therefore, to improve the fate and happiness beyond this world, according to the teachings of one's duty to the Book of Allah and keep away, and all prohibitions.
Fourth Hadith
4 - From Abu Hurairah, may Allah, the Prophet, that he said: "I leave among you two things that you never go astray as long as you hold fast to them, the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet," (s) .(Imam Malik).
The fourth Hadith contains:(1) Estate Remains Prophet s.a.w. is immortal.(2) the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w. ensure the safety of mankind.
First - The remains of the Prophet s.a.w. Estate:He did not leave the estate's property to his heirs. As a messenger, he is given miracles to prove his prophethood and miracles is exhausted when the last time, can not be witnessed by the people then, but one eternal miracle until the Day of Judgement, the more useful of the property, not only to his heirs but to mankind in all places and all times.
His legacy is "the Book of Allah the Qur'an" is revealed to him and "Sunnah" which covers her, word, deed and taqrirnya (no ban).
Second - the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w.ensure the safety of human beings:
Security guarantees provided through the "Book of God" and "His Messenger is the way every man his own practice the teachings both of them, justify what dihalalkannya and forbidden what is forbidden; not the way to keep them at home to be blessed, not by the way read other purpose than to please Allah Almighty and not about the way other people join the practice, even among children with the father, or between a husband and wife; not like the security situation in the real world, usuallysomeone who is more secure power can provide protection to others that it will.
Efforts to achieve true security is to hold firmly to the teachings of the Book of Allah and the Prophet led the way
Fifth Hadith
5 - From Al-'Irbaadh bin Sariyah, ra, reported: The MessengerWe have advised and remember, one day after morning prayers, with the advice and reminders are very deep and effective, which makes (listener-audience) to tears and makes the heart (they are) in awe. Then he said one of the men (between us): "Surely this advice to give safe advice to stay, what messages you want to order it to us O Messenger of Allah?" He replied: "I would like to remind you of piety to God, and hear and obey (your ruler) even if it is a slave nation Ethiopia, for those of you who live (after me) will see a lot of disagreement, and (thus) but beware you forsake and new things ( invented in religion), for such things are lost and therefore those of you who are in the time of occurrence of this will be it by my way and the way the Caliphs (me) who have led the rightly guidance; hold fast to it seteguh-firmly. "
According to the hadeeth of Abu Daud, (He said): "And you, but beware: Remove far away and new things (invented in religion), for every invented matter) is bid'ah and every and every innovation is misguidance. "
The fifth Hadith contains:(1) The Prophet s.a.w. a very thoughtful speech.(2) In the speech-speech, he often reminded that the fear of contact with the wrath of God.(3) The Muslims are required to obey the government with no regard to the original seed.(4) Warning him of the occurrence of disputes among Muslims.
(5) Road carrying Prophet s.a.w. and the way the leadership of the caliphs Al Rashidin should always be a reminder.Description:
First - the Prophet s.a.w. A Member of Wisdom Who is Speaking:Selected as a messenger, who always led from Allah through the angel Gabriel (as), of course, the advice and instruction that affects him very deeply and affect the listener, the listener, so hard to be a soft heart, a coward to be brave, and who neglects to be diligent, to act with strength so.
Second - Questions Taqwa:
In his speech, he often reminded to be conscious of God's wrath hit"Taqwa" is a way to preserve and protect yourself and others for fear of damaging contact with any matter or disfiguring.
Damages that it may sometimes identify live in the world, and sometimes on life in the hereafter.For care and control of damage or defects to live in the world, should be studied in relation to the knowledge that the law of nature, and are followed and carried out properly.
For example, to prevent loss and damage in the fight, should know the methods and rules against the enemy, and providing equipment required by state and age. In addition, and shall also be accompanied by a spiritual force that is united, as well as fixed and unyielding trust in Allah.Similarly, damage or defects to maintain life in the hereafter, shall prevent the faith of an honest, genuine faith and righteous deeds, and avoid all that is contrary to all of them, such as carrying polytheism, wrong deeds, and character as to bring a person or society .In short "duty" is to pursue the causes that made God to reach musababnya - as believe and do good to achieve the blessings of eternal happiness in the hereafter and seek the path and the correct rules for success in the world.
Third - The Muslims are required to obey the leaders, even leaders from the group of slaves:A chief, with the reins of government in his capacity of a country, or a society, or an office, or anything else, is binding on the set! P on the person under his command, as long as not contrary to Islamic laws, as specified by a Hadith, which means:"There should obey a creature in the breach of the order of God".
Compliant faithful and all people that make all the running to govern well, to give the rights to their respective owners according to what is required. If not, will persist, many of chaos.Looking to the great importance of loyalty to the leader or ruler, and the great disaster was the lack of loyalty that the apostle also enjoined to comply with even the chief or ruler of a group of slaves, if it is the knowledge to be the leader, in the case of the chief or ruler - other than the knowledge that qualify - in accordance with the legislation to be a descendant of the mu1ia.

Fourth - Warning him of the occurrence of disputes among Muslims:
Warnings were given by the Prophet have occurred and become a reality. Muslims have already had disagreements with each other, whether in matters of faith and charity i'tikad worship, nor in political questions, so lead to things undesirableFifth - The need to control the way the Prophet carrying and the way the leadership of the caliphs Al-Caliphs:As the need for guidelines on the way to avoid lost or sailing west, then so will the need for road based on the Prophet carryingand the way the leadership of the caliphs al-Caliphs in default of a day-to-day life, even more so at the time of the dispute.After warning of antagonism among the people, he laid about the order that they may always be guided by the road and road-khalifas caliph, and allow her to do new things invented in religion - in the light of the mind alone lust and desire - as a bad consequence.Sixth Hadith
6 - From Abdullah bin 'Amr, may Allah be pleased, he said: The Messenger said: "Verily my Ummah would happen to the matters in exactly the same as what has happened to the children of Israel, so that if there were those who commit adultery with her mother to berterang-light, he will be there in my Ummah who does this, and indeed the children of Israel were divided into seventy-two tribes and my Ummah will be divided into seventy-three tribes, they (the cast) in the Fire except one clan only ".Companions of the Prophet asked: "Who is that one faction so the Prophet?" He replied: "Tribes are the tribes which is on my way the way my companions." (Tirmizi)
According to the hadeeth of Abu Daud, there is an additional, namely: "And indeed there will be among my people in a number of tribes like the crawl of the danger of disease as innovation invent a dangerous spreading rabies to the victim - not a single muscle or a joint body unless the disease has infiltrated menjalarinya. "The sixth Hadith contains:
Assertion Prophet s.a.w. about the bad things will happen among Muslims that must be avoided, so that they remain firm in accordance with road and street companions.Description:Bad things are remembered by our beloved Prophet MuhammadThey are:
First - Muslims will take abuse from the teachings of Islam, as has been done by the Children of Israel.
He quotes a description of the Children of Israel because of their corruption is an evil that must be avoided and the sample removed.
Although they were initially given many favors and privileges, was revealed to them the scriptures, and sent them many prophets and messengers, but most of them still deny, and continued to do various crimes and atrocities during the its history. They collapsed and violence throughout its history.

They have collapsed morality, human fairy vanished, and divided into various factions in the trust and understanding, belief and provide a variety of tricks to distort the teachings and the laws of his religion. They also had created and developed various ism or ideology, such as communism, capitalist ideology, and others that destroy the peace and order of society and the economy of the world's nations dijalannya. In fact, they are developing cultural yellow obscene and violating the order and decorum - through films, newspapers and magazines, magazine, fashion clothes, and night clubs, so they deserved the curse of Allah in the bookholy books, the curse of angels, His messengers, and all mankind that acts of violence.
He also had to remember he said - as mentioned in one hadis: That his people will be affected and become rubber stamps with blind to all that came from the Jews and the Christians.
He specifically mentions the two races is because they, as well as given the books and sent messengers to guide them, they are only a powerful and a lot of misleading enemy at the time of the Prophet. If the races are given books and guides that reminded us not to be influenced to penyelewengannya, the races are not given the book and did not accept the leadership, more so must we reject outright everything they bribe-sogokkan to us from the things which are contrary to our Islamic policies as we see in our time - from the races Zoroastrianism, Communists, and others Etheis.
What has been reminded by the Prophet of distortion that will occur among his people were already there and become a reality. As witnessed today is between those Muslims who blindly imitative of what comes from those who are not Muslim, even copied things were contrary to Islamic teachings and morals.
Among those things is an act some Muslim women - other than not to obey the Qur'an told them to cover the head cover parts of the neck of his shirt - they will raise his head ornaments in a variety of ways in between the hair- wig. There is also a smooth eyebrows. There is also a dress, but they seem to be naked as thin and does not cover. There is also a walk in public with inappropriate ways, such as women of bad behavior. Some of them are wearing men's clothes and some act like men, are all acts that are condemned by Islam.In addition, there are women who willingly displayed his body, which uses a narrow, short dress, exposing private parts, accidentally saw the body, and others which are contrary to Islamic law and decency.
Some on the out and home by using a variety of eye-catching jewelry, using all kinds face powder and lipstick, and wearing a fragrant odors at all the case - as well as all other jewelry - is determined and recommended by religion to be done at home, especially for her husband.
Muslim women are forbidden to show her body ornaments except to their husbands and men who are marriageable and those appointed, as mentioned in the Qur'an al-Karim (Verse 31, Surah Al-Nur).Similarly, bad things that happened among the men. Some of those Muslim men who had lost all feeling of jealousy on his wife and women under his care, until he touch the nature of the "coward" who are condemned by Islam and is forbidden by God from paradise, as let his wife or women under his care free out, mingle freely with those of non-mahram men, freely adopted by foreign men in dance festivals, and so on.
There are men who act and float like a woman, and women's clothing. Overall, whether done by men or women is forbidden and condemned as described by the Prophet in many traditions-hadis, and stating their evil, to emphasize some of them who do bad things, not only will not enter Paradise, nor can they smell, the smell of heaven is available and the distance .
Second - There will be a split among Muslims about the faith of religious belief and practice, as has happened to the children of Israel, in the case of this division against the teachings of Islam, and all groups which had broken the one and lost object, except for one alone, the tribe that follow Allah's way of leadership and carrying his friends, by not reducing, adding, or deviate in the least.
In addition, and that there are additional according to the hadith of Abu Dawud, he warned that there would be among its followers some of the tribes which crawl the danger of lust like to reduce the disease, exaggerate, or distort the truth, such as spreading dangerous diseases of dogs mad to the victim.A firm and clear memory given by His Majesty's, was that his people follow the road carrying his leadership and his companions.

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