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Purification-Periods, childbirth and pregnancy / Wiladah

Purification-Periods, childbirth and pregnancy / Wiladah


That is blood coming out of female genitalia at the time beinghealthy habit a'fiat is because, according to women. At least the age of the woman's menstrual blood can come out of the nineyears of age. The color is dark red menstrual blood, it feels warmwhen it came out.

The duration of menstrual bleeding for at least a day yesterday and selanjut-up time for fifteen days and nights, most of the timeused to go out for six or seven days.
among the Holy

At least good from one period to another such period of fifteen days, usually twenty-four days. There are also women out therefrom small to large period or periods have been off of the goodtimes which is not finite.

Blood that women who go out at the time of birth or blood coming out after the birth of the child.

at least the blood out of childbirth is very little overnight and usually forty days and more time-selanjut sixty days.

Blood that is not the time-out female menstrual. As menstrual blood that comes out more than fifteen days and fifteen nights or blood coming out ahead of having children and that comes out onsixty days, and this should be the name of blood diseases.
Pregnancy / Wiladah

At least time is six months pregnant and there are usually nine months longer than this time up to three years. At the expiration ofmenstruation or childbirth blood on her duty to the bathroomunless istihadhah purification, no bath just enough that it mustpour water (berbasuh).

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