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find / learn (Claimant) Knowledge

find / learn (Claimant) Knowledge
Claiming Knowledge
Seeking knowledge is a must for us Muslims. There is so much evidence that indicates the priority of knowledge, the seeker of knowledge and teach it.
In fact, many verses in the Quran and the Sunnah that has commanded us to seek knowledge and the advantages of the pursuit of knowledge.
Of the word of God s.w.t:
"Then you will be asked by a member of the Zikri (the pious) if you do not know".
SWW is the purpose of Prophet Muhammad, which means:"Indeed, a chapter of the knowledge gained by a man over-good for him from the world and what is in it"
In addition there is a hadeeth which speaks of the virtues-virtues of seeking knowledge is better than our worship (ritual circumcision) as disabdakan the Prophet means:
"By God that if you go to seek knowledge of a good first chapter of you prays one hundred rak'ahs,"
In addition, many hadiths disabdakan the Prophet's death to those who are seeking knowledge of which:
"Those who die in the pursuit of knowledge to revive Islam, he is in heaven soon one ranks with the Prophets."
Messenger has also outlined several advantages of the knowledge by saying he saw,"Indeed, knowledge is like a building and the key is the question."
Four of those given a reward in the pursuit of knowledge, namely:
The difficult question will be a knowledgeThe instructor or a person who knows of a knowledge and teach it to others
Those who are listening to people who teachThe people who like and love of the science.If we examine the importance of knowledge as described above, it should be for us as the "Best Ummah" to take advantage of value in this life to further the pursuit of knowledge. So the pursuit of knowledge regardless of whether a person ages young or old, male or female all are encouraged to seek knowledge.

Recovery of the Religious Sciences Manners
The manners in the pursuit of knowledge should we know that what we are claiming berfaidah for us and those who are around us very much. The Manners of which are:
Sincere in seeking knowledge.
As with other practices, the first step is personal integrity. This was a very important factor that Allah has warned: The Meaning of the hadith narrated by Ibn Hibban and it is judged authentic by al-Arna'uth Shoaib in the review of the Saheeh Ibn Hibban (Muassasah al-Newsletter, Beirut, 1997), Hadith no: 78"Anyone who studies the knowledge that should be done to seek the Face of God, but he did not learn it, except to seek worldly gain, he will not smell Paradise on the Day of Resurrection."
Therefore another in a hadith, the Prophet warned: The Meaning of the hadith narrated by Ibn Hibban with a reliable narrator longer valid, so bright Shoaib al-Arna'uth in the review of the Saheeh Ibn Hibban, Hadith no: 77
"Do not learn the knowledge to bragging in front of the scholars', or to argue with fools, or to select the best (lauded by people).Whoever the hell did that place. "
Anyone who has the right intent and purpose as above, he shall never be invincible with the defamation trial and may face in order to understand Islam. This is because: The Meaning of Surat Muhammad, verse 7
"O ye who believe, if you help (the cause of) Allah, He will aid you and plant your feet firmly."
Positive and Confident to yourself
Positive attitude and confidence are important factors to achieve a particular purpose. These factors are not separate for those who want to understand this beloved religion. Even know that those who strive sincerely for this purpose, Allah will guide him, as his word, which means:
"And those who strive in earnest as to meet the requirements of Us, We surely guide them to Our paths, and indeed (for help and the help of) Allah is with those who do right."[Al-Ankabut, verse 69]

"Leadership" God can exist in various forms, such as teachers met with the truth, presented to the books of authors who are honest, dipersahabatkan with Salih's people, led to the subjects in order of significance, and planted in his morals, when interact with religious knowledge. So do not doubt or low self-esteem to seek to understand Islam. Trust that God will guide him as long as he is sincere and earnest.
Get ready to make sacrifices.There is no shortcut (short cut) to understand Islam, so do not expect an understanding of the religion immediately or through the easy path. Instead be prepared to do a lot of sacrifices in terms of energy, time, finances and life. The process of seeking knowledge is requires a lot of sacrifices and this is known by the Prophet. So he promised big rewards to those who make a sacrifice by saying, I mean:
"Anyone that is on a road in search of knowledge, Allah will facilitate for him the way to heaven."[Narrated by Muslim in Shahihnya (numbering Fu'ad Abd al-Baqi), Hadith no: 2699].
Sacrifice in terms of energy and time are trying to go to religious education classes, even busy or tired to study at university or work in the office. Financial sacrifices to spend money to buy religious books of quality. This is a sacrifice that can not be omitted, in which every Muslim to understand the need to love books and strive to build a collection of religious books or their own personal library.
But among all the sacrifices, the largest is lifestyle modification.Sleep should be reduced, nutritional diet to care and daily activities in vain to be avoided. Consciously or not, there are many daily activities are actually followed in vain as sporting events, reading the daily newspaper, watching television and casual conversation.
All this must be changed to sports in order to protect the health, study the daily newspaper just to find the report useful, limiting television viewing to the scientific documentaries and talk just deliver advice. This modification will open up a lot of free time that can be used to understand Islam.
Do not know the stop point.All the people who interact with the knowledge condition the passages themselves will see that it is dynamic without knowing the point of full stop. And that should also be the attitude of every Muslim and Muslimah who sought religious outlook. Can not say "I have finished studying religion" or "I have come to understand Islam". On the other hand should always review and analyze because of religious knowledge is always dynamic. As the saying goes:
"Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave."
First: At present there are many teachings that deviate, each of them hide behind the slogan "the Sunnah Wal Jamaah" to look is on the way. If a person slips into one of the aberrant teachings, dynamic behavior that is continually reviewing and analyzing will pull itself out of the teachings of the true teaching.
Second: A person who seeks to understand religion will go through several stages, from the childish level up to the level of maturity. This is because in order to do research, he will discover many new things that never knew before. This discovery will generate a new spirit within him. There is a large possibility that the spirit will lead him to feel he is very knowledgeable attitude (ujub), underestimate the scholars' and easy to judge people who do not agree with it. This childish attitude I mean.
Here the dynamic manhaj attitude which is necessary to keep under review and analyze a person will move from level to level kebudakan infantile adult. The level of maturity can lead to the attitude of humility based on the realization that religion is actually very broad knowledge, respect for the scholars based on the realization that there are many other factors that they consider and open to dialogue based on the seeing eye to different opinions is the fact of human nature.
Applying knowledge.Efforts to understand Islam is not only a class room discussion, but it is to be practiced. Knowledge without practice is an abomination by God as his word, which means:
"O ye who believe! Why do you say what you do not? It is most hateful in the sight of God - you say something you do not do. "[Al-Saff, verse 2-3]

But those who practice the knowledge will be enhanced by the knowledge of God in various forms. People who seek to understand the religion of Islam will increase his faith and faith itself is what is proved by the liver, tongue and actions. Such faith will be enhanced by God with His Guidance, as his word, which means:
"... ... In fact they were young men who believed in their Lord and We increased them in guidance."[Meaning Surah al-Kahf, verse 13]

Person who practices also means practicing the knowledge that God gave him guidance, enhance ketaqwaannya, so that Allah will grant him Al-Furqan which enabled him to distinguish between right and wrong. He will also be increases of His Grace and gave light to stay on the right path. Note the two following God's word which means:
"O ye who believe! If you fear God, He created for you (al-Furqan) distinguishing between right and wrong, and eliminate faults, and forgive (sins) you. And Allah (is) a great bounty. "[Al-Anfal, verse 29]
In relation to the person in relation to knowledge.Who we respect, who we make friends, have a great influence on our own character. Allah has warned, meaning:
"The likeness of Salih's friends and bad friends just like a perfume carrier furnace blower fuel and a blacksmith. For perfume carriers, can be the same if he gave it to you (perfume) or you buy from (Perfume), or you get the scent of it. For the fire of a furnace blower blacksmith, may be whether it will burn your clothes (because of the effects of fire blow) or you may be offended by the smell of it (the smell of iron). "
[Narrated by Muslim in Shahihnya, Hadith no: 2628].So those who seek to understand Islam to be in constant contact with people with knowledge of the relationship is. They are the ones that attention is always on the Qur'an and authentic Sunnah, its always to examine the books of the omission of the scholars' and thought always to improve the situation of Muslims and protecting the purity of Islam.
Among them were scholars and teachers, it should honor them, listen to their advice and follow in their footsteps. If they do wrong, be advised they are polite and hidden, not rough and open to the public. Among them are those who are in the process of understanding Islam, it shall make them as close friends, always take the time to share knowledge, exchange ideas and advise each other.
Pray to God.Every effort should be followed by prayers and efforts to understand Islam is inseparable from these manners. There shall pray to God and the best prayer is what is taught by Allah and His Messenger. Among them:
"Show us the straight path. The path of those whom You have bestowed favor, not the (path) of those who earn Thine anger, rather than (the way) of those who go astray. "[Meaning Surah al-Fatihah, verse 6-7]
Similarly, seven manners I can summarize from the many manners to seek knowledge. It is hoped that the above norms beneficial for everyone, including myself. In addition to the seven manners, every person who seeks to understand the religion of Islam need to be alert to elements that can ruin it. The elements I've explained in the next writing Allah willing.

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