Saturday, December 17, 2011

Demanding rules Sciences

Demanding rules Sciences

Among manhaj (roads, rulesin their studiesshould start with the sciences that light before heavy sciences.

  Hence to say about an 'alim Rabbanithat he was a prosecutornurture small science with the sciences that small before thegreat sciences.

  Thus, studying it should tadarruj (gradually). The meaning of the sciences that light is a known issueswhich are known, not the problems that require analysis and discussion.

From herethen among the issues that deserve priority issues isclear and explicit, that is about ushuludin (religious subjects),such as knowing ushuludinusul i'tiqad.

  Thereforethe scholars in teaching thulab (prosecutor science,students) is done in stages by using mukhtasharat (books that are concise), in each of the branches of science.

  They explained to the subjects of human knowledge throughmukhtasharat (scriptures compact) this. Gradually, from the textsmukhtasharat until later increasedby reading books Sharh(explanationagainst himand then expanded so that the Talibcame to muthawalat books (scriptures thick / wide).

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