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While humans can be separated from the field of knowledge or thought, but could be separated from religion and beliefs, but can not be separated by character or morals. This is because each act, practice or action taken not to miss or drop out of the range of punishment either for himself or others or other things that are good or not all the action. If a good answer to what will be done, but if bad things will be left. That's good character. But do otherwise is bad manners.
From here it appears the good morals among the people so immoral they feel need to be acknowledged with a probation order to organize them a better life as they saw it.
Cover of Islam faith, and contains the spirit of moral laws. Without a moral framework of Islam as not having substance, or body of the dead. Prophet's saying which means: "Islam is good character". Likewise, he saying that says: "There is something more serious scale than morals."
PROBATION 2.PENGERTIANAccording to the language: The word moral is derived from the (al-khulq) means habits, conduct, behavior, behavior, custom, but it also bereti religion itself. The word (al-khulq) in the Quran there are only two places, among which are:And thou (Muhammad) has a great morality. (Al-Qalam: 4)
According to the term:Among the definitions of morality by definition is: nature embodied in an act can produce a simple and easy without thinking, research and coercion.
Ibn Miskawaih, a famous Muslim philosopher defines:
Probation as a condition of soul that led to the birth act without thinking and research.
Imam Ghazali radiAllahu anhu said:Probation is a condition that is embedded in the soul of the show works so easily without the need for thought and research. When the act was good and noble out according to syariah and the Brain, the act is called morals. But when out bad deeds, it is called bad manners.
According to Islam:Islam has two sources of the Qur'an and Sunnah that a stake in determining the affairs of the world and the hereafter. Both sources is also a source of moral Islamiyya. Principles and methods of Islamic moral knowledge based on revelation of all that is absolute and accurate balance scales.
When looking at the debate of morality as a science Islamiyya based on two sources of this absolute, it can be summarized as the following definition:
A debate tatanilai knowledge, the laws and specific principles for identifying priority properties to be valued and practiced, and identify the reprehensible nature to be avoided to achieve Allah's pleasure.
While the moral is we can deduce as a personality trait or attitude expressed human behavioral acts in an effort to develop a decent life based on principles established by God.
In other words, morality is a system to evaluate the pure act of a good man by individuals, groups and communities living in the interaction between people with either individuals, groups and communities living in the interaction between man and God, man among men, humans and animals , with the angels, the jinn and the environment.
3. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN @ ETHICS AND MORAL CHARACTERi) Morals is a system of evaluating human action and the pure morality is a system for evaluating the actions of human appearance only.
ii) Morals includes thoughts, feelings and intentions in the human heart in the human relationship with God, man and man and man and other creatures while accounting for moral thinking, feeling and faith in the human heart in man's relation to man only.iii) moral values ​​are determined by Allah through the Quran and the Prophet's guidance, while morality is determined by man.
iv) moral values ​​are absolute, perfect and regular, while moral values ​​are relative, subjective and temporary.
EXAMPLE OF THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE CHARACTER AND MORAL1. Clothing: According to Islam for a Muslim clothing must cover. If they do not cover it has been regarded as immoral person for disobeying the rules set by Allah. In contrast to the moral, if a person is exposed private parts, but still have good behavior, they are still considered immoral by some people.
2. Free mixing of men and women: The phenomenon of this kind have become a common bai Western societies and communities. Based on the values ​​of the West this is still considered immoral, but if viewed from the perspective of Islamic morality, such behavior is considered immoral.
3. Shaking: shaking hands between men and women who are not mahram is forbidden in Islam even if the aim was to close ranks.But this matter is allowed in the moral system.
4. SCOPE OF ISLAMIC CHARACTERIslamic morality is wide scope covering all matters related to human life whether human relationship with God, man's relation to man and man's relationship to other creatures.
a) The Morals of God: The essential features of human morality with God are:
-Belief in God: that is to acknowledge, trust and believe that God exists and believe in the rule-rukunnya and implement the demands as well as leaving any nature or form of worship against him.-Tabernacle or worship, subservient, obedient and submissive to Allah: that is, perform all the command and leave all the prohibitions in good faith solely for Allah.
-Always turn to his Lord: that when a believer is that forget or fall into neglect and mistakes should not happen and he soon realized, and repent and ask for mercy on negligence.
-Search for the pleasure of his Lord: that is always hope of God in all the effort and practice. All the gestures of his life is to attain Allah's pleasure and not expect the man's pleasure though sometimes forced to make a work that caused the anger of man.
-Implementing the things compulsory, obligatory and nawafil.-Redha receive Qadha 'and the Power of God: The Holy Prophet says: "When an enjoyment he is grateful and when ill toucheth him he is patient, then be good for him."
b) Morals and man:-Morals by Allah: that is, believe with confidence that the Holy Prophet Muhammad is indeed the prophet and messenger of God who convey the message to all the people and traditions of good practice in the form of instructions or restrictions.
-Morals with parents: that doing good (devoted) to the parents.Doing good here imply in terms of covering acts, words and behavior. For example, say a polite and respectful, humble themselves, pray for them and take care of his needs when they were sick and so on. Allah says which means: "We have enjoined on man kindness to parents."
-Morals by teachers: The meaning of a hadith of the Prophet: "praise the people who you learn from that." Each student is required to honor and respect the teacher because the teacher's role is to teach an important knowledge with the knowledge of where the people can sit at a noble and honorable and able to overcome various difficulties of life either life or the next.
-Morals to our neighbors: Muslims are required to do well against your neighbor. For example, do not burden or interfere with them as sounding radio loud, do not throw garbage on the face of a neighbor's house, not hurting them with the words harsh or rude and so on. Even doing good to our neighbors in the sense that can give a gift to them either moral or material support.
-Morals and his wife: Allah says which means: "And ye wives gaulilah it well."
-Morals with children: Islam set the rule for children. Prophet's saying which means: "The young boys slaughtered the sacrifice on the seventh day of his birth and was named by the good and avoided it out of harm matters. When six years of age and education should be teaching good character."
-Morals of kinship: the Word of God says: "Allah commands you to do justice and kindness and giving to kinsfolk."c) The Morals of other than human beings:
-Angel: Morals Islam requires a Muslim to respect the angels to cover even their own genitals and no other person to see.-Jin: Manners of the jinn Allah forbade them to remove small impurities in the holes in the earth as it is home jinn. Prophet's saying which means: "Do you CLEANSE with dry manure nor with bones bones indeed is food for your brothers among the jinn."
Aiwan-livestock: Animals used for work, then they can not burdened beyond their willingness or wronged or hurt. Even when to be slaughtered for consumption even though, let the slaughter done by the best way is by using a sharp knife, not sharpening knives before slaughtering the animal or animals as well as other animals.
Non-livestock animals: not persecuting non-livestock animals such as using stones and hurt others.
-Environment: Man ordered to inhabit the earth's resources for the common good. Islam stipulates that the universe can not be contaminated with impurities that can damage human life and other lives.
ISLAMIC CHARACTER 5.SUMBERIn Islam, morality is sourced from two main sources of the Qur'an and Sunnah. It stressed leh hadith of Prophet Muhammad in a piece that says: "I sent merely to perfect morals."
The Prophet praised Allah for good conduct as found in the Qur'an, Allah Almighty says: "'You have a great personal (character)."
6.KEDUDUKAN PROBATION IN ISLAMMorals are the most important position in Islam. Among them:
-Morals related to the purpose of the message of Islam or the Prophet's main message. Prophet's saying which means: "I was sent to perfect morals." The Prophet's statement shows the importance of moral positions in Islam.-Morals determine a person's position in the afterlife in which good character can be burdensome weight of good practice.Vice versa. Prophet's saying which means: "There is something more serious in character but leaves a good balance."
-Morals can complete faith a believer. Prophet's saying which means: "The most perfect believers are the most good faith conduct."
Good-Morals can eliminate sin and bad manners can destroy a reward. Prophet's saying which means: "Morals as well as dilute the sins of melt water ice (snow) and moral damages damaging practices such as vinegar, honey."
-Morals is a trait of Prophet Muhammad in which Allah has praised Allah for good conduct as stated in the Qur'an, Allah Almighty says: "'You have a great personal) character)." Praise allah swt for by His morals shows how big and important position in Islamic morality. Banak other verses and the hadith of the Prophet shows the elevation of the character and encourages us to try to decorate our lives with morals.

-Morals can not be separated from Islam, as explained in a hadith that a man asked the Messenger of Allah: "O Messenger of Allah, what is religion?" The Prophet replied: "Good Morals."
Morals of good-will prevent a person from hell but bad manners makes a person far from heaven. A hadith explains that, "So and so on the day of fasting and praying at night while bad conduct, disturbing her neighbors with her words. He said, there is no good in worship, he is a member of the Fire."
-One of the tenets of Islam is the Goodwill, which is the moral foundation of a Muslim. Courtesy of worship as gods, though we can see that we do not see Him walauun, surely He sees us.
7.KEPENTINGAN PROBATION IN HUMAN LIFEMorals is the dividing line between the character of those who have no morals. Morals is the soul of Islam in which religion without morality is like a lifeless body. Therefore one of the mission that brought by the Prophet is the rebuilding of human morality has collapsed since the days of the prophets of the past due to idolatry by his followers who were heretics.
This is also true at the time of jahiliyyah which human morality has collapsed due to the behavior of nations before inheriting the tradition of drinking alcohol, removing the child and kill indiscriminately injustice, oppression, like boycotting the inferior races, and so on. Thus they are no morals or no difference to the people who are not religious.Morals is the value of fire safety. Muslims consider them immoral place him in hell. For example, a person does evil, disobedient to parents, did wrong, and so on, surely God will reject them from joining heaven.
In addition, the character also features the advantage of mankind because it is a symbol of the perfection of faith, piety and piety height of a man of understanding. In this regard Allah's Messenger says: "The perfect faith are those of the best character."
Except a community as well as strong moral and it is the collapse of a community because of weak character. The fact the statements above are described in the stories of history and human civilization through the Quran as the story of Lut's people, Thamud, the people of the Prophet Abraham, the Children of Israel and others. Ummah high character and always under the protection of Allah's pleasure and the ummah in Medina in the Prophet's lifetime.
The absence of good character in the individual or society causes more internal and external crises such as the crisis of values, the collapse of the household, community and disadvantaged youth led to the destruction of a country. President of France during the reign of France once said: "The defeat of France in the hands of the German military forces caused moral collapse."
Reflection of a person is often portrayed by his conduct or character is shown. Even the character of a person as the adornment of faith is the backbone of the religion, laws are branches and twigs, while morality is the color like flowers that brighten the tree decorations.Morals can not be bought or measured with money It exists in a person as a result of education of parents or guardians and the influence of the society around them. If from childhood we are exposed to morals, then it will indirectly affect behavior in everyday life to the next.
The process of formation of a society is like building a building. If the construction of buildings, primarily prepared in advance, as well as creating the basic construction must be started with the first. If a strong foundation built so tegaklah community. If weak, then robohlah anything built on it.
Morals are important because the foundation made by the Prophet when starting the formation of the Muslim community.Sheikh Mohamed Abu Zahrah, in his book Tanzim al-Islam al-mujtama Li 'states that the moral character or character is the only one of the most powerful basis for producing clean-hearted man, honest in life, trust in the work, the love of goodness andhate crimes.
CHARACTERISTICS OF ISLAMIC CHARACTER 8.CIRI-Islam calls people adorn the soul with good character and to avoid bad manners. Who is a good size and burukna is legislation, which is what you are commanded by Islam, that is good and what is forbidden by Islam is bad.
-The range of Islamic moral scope is broad covering all human acts to God, man and man and human than human beings.Islamic-linking morality with faith. The most perfect faith are those of the best morals.
-There is a concept of reward and reward or heaven by God and instead of a depraved will have sins or tortured in hell.
Morals is a behavior that can be changed and developed, such as `Umar al-Khattab, as his condition while in the time of jahiliyyah than it was after embracing Islam. From here it can be concluded that the moral is something natural, but they are formed. There are several ways to develop and build good character. Among the ways is through:
a) Education as the Basis of Morals Faith
Education is one way to shape people into believing a person.Faith is the foundation of Islamic morality. There will be a perfect faith, if not accompanied by good character. For example, by performing the commandments in the form of worship for all God's commandments were intended for cleaning up and nourish the human soul with noble qualities.
Thus each verse of the Quran called upon people to do good and prevent people from doing anything wrong. Usually preceded by a call "O ye who believe" and then followed by a command or prohibition. Faith, would still need a strong character. In case of demoralization among the people, the cause is weakness of faith and subject to the wickedness or crimes committed by a person.Faith Education may be summed up as an energy recovery in order to defend the faith of a man from all his humility and disadvantages and can drive people towards glory.
b) Training and Coaching Through Quality EducationEducation provided shall run from the house to be addressed by parents. After that move to primary school up to high school for formal education. Parents should have a strong personality and character as an educator and pembinbing as gentle in speech, social, patient, relieved, istiqamah, visionary, and the like.
c) Taking Messenger For exampleMessenger is a good example and the most accurate models for all stages of life. Consistent with this, Allah says that Prophet Muhammad was sent to mankind to perfect morality among them.Allah says which means: "Verily for you in Allah's self is a good example for those who always expect the pleasure of Allah and the reward in the Hereafter, and always mention and remember Allah in good times and bad times." Examples of the character of the Messenger:
1. Character of the Messenger of Allah-Dedicated their lives every moment and time to God with full obedience, loyalty, love and gratitude for the unwavering against God as well pleased with what has been determined by God to him.
-Implement a mandatory duty or difardhukan and recommended practices, such as wake up at night to provide Qiyamullail, fasts, remembrance, forgiveness, prayer, rosary, etc. tahmid.2. Character of the Messenger of humanMorals Messenger-family aspects, soaial, economic, political or otherwise. In terms of family, the Prophet succeeded in creating a harmonious and Allah's Messenger said: "My house is Heaven."-Messenger is a responsible, always loving, meek and tolerant of all family members.
-Allah's also always discuss with our friends and appreciate the views expressed by them. Similarly, the character and attitude of the Prophet against non-Muslims is to respect them, be polite and give over to them, especially in the neighborhood. For example, his story of a Jewish woman (neighbor) that eventually the Jewish woman had converted to Islam on the concern, patience and moral virtues highlighted by the Prophet.
-3. Character of the Messenger of other creatures.-Allah's very sensitive and concerned about other creatures such as animals, plants tumbuha and the environment.-Prophet advised his followers to always be compassionate to animals and livestock and does not oppress or persecute them.Similarly, plants and the environment.
a) EnvironmentMany environmental factors influence the formation of personal.Among them are:
-People who live in a family with a moral way of life, then his soul would be trained to conduct, spoken word and a bad lifestyle.
-The presence of advanced technology in the media whether printed or electronic is also a bit of an impact in the formation of a character through scenes of violent and sexual in nature which can destroy their lives.
-The influence of peers and society is also a factor, such as character and moral behavior, spoken word and how to act.
-Problems involving the family such as parents fight and divorce can lead to social problems such as running away from home, join a peer group that is damaged or conduct which led to free association, adultery, drug use, prostitution (bohsia) and the like.
-Culture of a society that tends toward liberalism also led terjeba society with a culture of easy rock, rap, hang out, and the like.
b) LustLust is a gift of Allah to mankind and desire is the enemy stick to people who implement the human passions. Too Human in accordance with his desires will be driven to do bad things. If the desire is not controlled, it can eliminate Asti dignity, religion and cultural values ​​of society and lead to evil, as happens in today's society.
c) SatanAnother unseen enemy who always accompany the human with the devil exploiting human desires. Functions as an agent of Satan is destructive human behavior occurred since Adam and continued until the Day of Judgement.In short every living man to face trial in an effort to train ourselves to live a moral man and ready to face all obstacles.
About how to manage and improve the moral:-Strengthen the values ​​of faith and belief in the soul.-Control the senses of seeing and hearing things that raise or strengthen the lust and desires that the root of all evil and depraved nature.
-Learning the description or explanation of al-Quran and Hadith and interpretation by scholars of exemplary character to purge the soul.
-To train yourself familiar acts well as religious form of prayer, fasting, etc. and stay away from evil and shameful deeds.
-Make friends and neighbors to those who are noble as a friend or neighbor to the influence of one's cultivation.
-Learning about the life of the Prophet, his companions, scholars or Auliya and make their lives as role models in our lives.
-In all our actions must always follow and use common sense and not according to our desires stomach.
-Always prayed for Allah's help so equipped themselves with morals and protection of the things that are not desired.Allah knows best

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