Monday, December 19, 2011

Increase the Value of Worship A Muslim

Increase the Value of Worship A Muslim

Al-Qadhi 'Iyadh explain his words with:' Do the deeds you guysable to do it with a continuous'.

While Imam An Nawawi rahimahullah concluded from the above hadith'It contains suggestions for continuous in worshipandpractice a bit (butcontinuous practice is better than a lot but left out'.

  The scholars have to maximize the power of thought to uncover the secret of why the practice can be a little more mainstream butcontinuous and noble deeds than others.

  Among their testimonyAl-Qurtubi said: 'Why, deeds lightweight,can be done with continuous and vigorous heartsso that more and more because of the occurrence of reward practicerepetition is accompanied by concentration of mind.

  Unlike the practice of weightusually accompanied by disruption of concentration and causes a person to leave '.

Meanwhile, Imam An Nawawi gives the reason'Practice islasting a little better than a lot of practice but drop out on the road,due to the continuous in one practice a littlebararti obedience toGod is also ongoingas well as dhikrmuraqabahintentionsas well as his attitude keikhjlasan exposes himself to God continues.So a little but would result in a continuous-fold rather than practicea lot but left out ".

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