Thursday, December 22, 2011

Temple Masjid (Mosque In The House) Urgency And Function

Temple Masjid (Mosque In The HouseUrgency And Function

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What is meant by Masjidul stanza as stated in the title of this paper is based on the explanation Ulema place or room that is devoted and dedicated by the owner of the house as a place to do voluntary prayers and other worship-ibdah nafilah.

How does the law actually makes Masjidul temple in the house for a MuslimCreate a special place in the house as a place to run a voluntary prayer and deeds-deeds do other worship mustahab(recommended).

  The scholars have discussed this discussion in the books of fiqhand hadith their workFrom Umm Humaid radi anhumawifeHumaid al-Sa'idi radi anhu, that he mendatanggi Prophetsallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam and said"O Messenger of AllahIreally like the prayer (in congregationwith you".

  He said, "I already know you liked the prayer with me(but)prayers in the mosque of your house (where most in-ed) better than in the bedroom prayersprayers in your room is better thanyour prayers in your house, your prayers in your house better thanprayers in the mosque thy peopleprayers in the mosque is better than your people in masjidku shalamu (the Prophet's Mosque) ".Umm Humaid subsequent request made mosque (place ofprayerat the far end of the house and the darkest. He made ​​his prayers in situ until the encounter of God (death comes).

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