Saturday, December 17, 2011

Science And Virtue syar'i Learn it

Science And Virtue syar'i Learn it

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said "Verily, Allah raised byAl-Qur-an some people and God was humbled some of him."

. In ancient times there was someone whose neck disabilityandhe has always been a subject of ridicule and derisionThen his mother told him, "whom you seek knowledge, Allah will raisederajatmu."

  Since then, he studied syar'i until he became piousso he was appointed Qadi (Judge) in Makkah for 20 (twenty) years. If there are people who sit on the litigants before himthen his bodytrembled until he standsPeople who are knowledgeable andpractice it, then his position will be appointed by God in the world and be exalted rank in the hereafter.

  Allah has said about the Prophet Joseph 'alaihis salaam"... Welift degrees whom We please, and above every knowledgeableperson who is no longer an All-Knowing.". Mentioned that theinterpretation of the above verse is that We (Allahelevatinganyone who we want to because science.

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