Friday, December 16, 2011

Conduct of the Assembly of Science

Conduct of the Assembly of Science

Seriousness and high spirits in attending the assemblies sciencetirelessly and boredom are very desirable.

  Do not be enough to calculate the numberHowever, figure out how much and the number of our ignoranceBecause so muchignorancewhile the science that we have very little.

Look kesemangatan the scholars attending the council earlier in the sciencesAbul Abbas Tsa'laba scholar Nahwu comment onIbrahim Al Harbi"I never lose in the council Ibrahim Al HarbiNahwu or language lessons for the next fifty years".

So what is obtained Ibrahim Al HarbiEventually he became the world's great scholarsRememberknowledge is not acquiredsuch estateHowever, with sincerity and patienceWhat a wonderful expression of Imam Ahmad bin Hambal"Science is a gift given by God to the people she likes.

  No one got it because of heredityIf acquired by descent,certainly the most eligible person is an expert n the temple of the Prophet "Likewise, Imam Malikwhen he saw his son John out of his house to play"Thank God, the One who did not make this science such as property inheritance".

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