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In terms of language, meaning a sacrificial offering to Allah Almighty. From the point of the Shari'ah, sacrifice means slaughter of certain animals at certain times with the intention to draw closer to God Almighty.
Law of sacrifice and wisdom
Sacrifice has been applied to the second year of Hijrah as religious charity, and prayer Day.Almighty Allah says:
"So pray to your Lord and sacrifice (as a sign of gratitude)"(Surah Al-Kauthar 108:2)
Disyari'atkan Wisdom as a sign of sacrifice are grateful to God Almighty for all the favors that range and also in the eternal man from year to year.
It also aims to be kifarah the perpetrator, whether due to the errors that have been made or by reason of negligence in the discharge as well as provide relief to families who make sacrifices as well as others.
Sacrifice is not enough to extend the prices, in contrast with the worship zakat fitrah means to meet the needs of the poor, Imam Ahmad said to mention the practice of sacrifice is more Afdhal from the charity with a price.
Doing Law of Sacrifice
Law is the sunnah mu'akkadah make sacrifices for those who can do it.
Prophet Muhammad sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam, which means:

"I have been commanded to sacrifice sacrifice and it is recommended for you"(Narrated by Tirmidhi)
Distribution Sacrifice of Worship
There are two types of offering the sacrifice and the sacrifice must be voluntary.Necessary Sacrifice
Sacrificial vow.
For example, when someone says, "For God must be against me berqurban a goat or a camel is" or by saying, "I made this as a sacrificial lamb"
It is the same whether the ruling in the case of a call that a person is rich or poor. Animals are purchased by a sacrifice for the poor.When a poor to buy a goat, with the intention to sacrifice, then it becomes mandatory. This is because buying in order to sacrifice by someone who is not obliged to do so must be calculated because the act is considered as a vow.
Sacrifice Circumcision
Voluntary sacrifice is the sacrifice made by a person who is capable of doing either poor or who is traveling, not wishing to buy a votive or sacrificial purposes.
Conditions for Sacrifice
Terms of sacrifice can be divided into three sections, namely:Conditions Necessary / Circumcision Sacrifice.Conditions Valid sacrifice.Conditions of Those Who Claimed to sacrifice.
Conditions Necessary / Circumcision Sacrifice
To be mandatory or voluntary sacrifice of worship are required him to do.People thought to be those who have a price for animal sacrifice more than their needs and the needs of those under his care for the day and the days of Sacrifice as this is the time to make the sacrifice.Its the same as the problem of zakat fitrah, they stipulate that it shall be the greater of one's needs are the needs of those under his care on a day of fasting and the night only.
Conditions Valid Sacrifice
Should diqurbankan animals did not have any defects that cause the lack of quantity of meat or cause harm to health. For example, a severe defect in one eye, severe illness, extreme limp or thin.
Must sacrifice a certain time after Hari Raya Haji prayers on 10 Muharram up before the sun sets at the end of 13 days Tashriq Muharram.
Be slaughtered by Muslims.People who share the sacrifice of a camel or a cow is not more than seven people in which each contribute 1 / 7 share.
Conditions of Those Who Claimed OFFERING THE SACRIFICE
Of Islam.Merdeka.Aqil buffoon.Reside or JOURNEY.Capable.

Execution time Sacrifice of Worship
Time of sacrifice begins after completion of the Feasts and the reading of prayers sermon, ie after the rising of the sun just segalah. Continuous time of day and night until the end of the day Tashriq before sunset on that day. This is based on the sayings of the Prophet who diriwayat by Al-Barra 'bin' Azib:
"The first thing that we begin today is to pray, then we go back and slaughter the sacrifice. Anyone who does so, he has been true to our traditions. Whoever slaughtered before that, it is meat available to members of his family. It is not considered a special ritual (sacrifice) is the least. "
Animal sacrifice
The discussion of animal sacrifices covers four areas:Diqurban animal type.Age of animal sacrifices.The rate of the slaughtered animal.The properties of the sacrificial animal.
The sacrificed animal typeThe scholars agree that the ritual sacrifice is not valid unless the use of animals An'am, the four-legged domesticated animals such as camels, cows and buffaloes, sheep and all that is included in its nature, whether male or female. It is therefore not valid to sacrifice the use of animals other than animals such as buffalo wild An'am and barking.Almighty Allah says:

Meaning:We syari'atkan ritual of sacrifice (or others) that they mention the name of Allah over the sustenance He gave them cattle is slaughtered. "(Surah Al-Hajj 22:34)
There is no evidence either that dinaqalkan of the Prophet sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam or friends to show them sacrifices with animals other than livestock animals (An'am s). As the sacrifice is a ritual associated with the animal, then it is determined the animal just the same as worship An'am charity.
As more Afdhal sacrificed animals are camels, followed by cattle and sheep and goats or kibasy. This view of the greater quantity of meat for the purpose of wider distribution to the poor and needy.
The Prophet sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam has said which means:
"Anyone who shower on Friday with showers junub, then he went (to Friday), he seems to have sacrificed a camel. Anyone who went to second when he seems to sacrifice a cow. Anyone who went to third when he seemed to sacrifice with a horned kibasy. "Age Animal Sacrifice
Age of animals to be sacrificed vary by type of animal that is:
Camels are required to have aged five years and into the age of six years.
Goats and cattle are required to have aged two years and into the age of three years.
Kibasy required to have entered the age of two.For the son of a camel, cattle, goats and kibasy the age of two years (which have changed the teeth) should be sacrificed.
Rate invoked
The jurists' consensus says that a goat or kibasy only sufficient as a sacrifice for one person only. A camel or cow is enough for a sacrifice for seven. This is based on the hadith of Jabir:"We sacrificed with the Messenger sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam when the Hudaybiyah with a camel or a cow for seven."
In Muslim history also mentions:
"We went with the Prophet sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam, and we intend Hajj. So the Prophet sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam has commanded us to share sacrificing a camel or a cow. Each of the seven people sharing a camel. "
Properties of Animal Sacrifice
The properties of the sacrificial animal whether female or male as outlined by the Shari'ah is as follows:Bright eyes is not blind.No defects such as crippled leg, broken tail, cut off his nose or the like.
Fat, the animal should not be too thin.Afdhal features that are at the sacrifice of animals:Fat in the whole of its members.Horned.White coat color (in kibasy).
The male.The nature of the animal sacrifices makruh:Rabit ears.
Cut back or front of little ears.Since the original did not have horns.One or both horns broken or damaged parts of the horn.
Date of teeth due to age or fall.Blurred vision.
Article Circumcision When OFFERING THE SACRIFICECircumcision compelling animals to be diqurbankan a few days before slaughter.Hung a sign on the animals to be sacrificed.Carried well and courtesy during the slaughter.
Encouraged to those who sacrifice to slaughter.Circumcision qiblat when brought to the sacrifice.Circumcision choose the most obese animals, and the largest terelok to be sacrificed.
Most EXCELLENT used sharp tools made of iron.
After slaughter, the recommended waiting until the cool of the slaughtered animal and all members no longer moving.
When those who want to make a sacrifice of not shaving, and not to cut nails after a month of Muharram came up was done to make sacrifices.
Voluntary sacrifice of animals lie on the left side prior to slaughter.
Circumcision performed during sacrificial victims are as follows:
Reading basmalah.
Prayed to the Prophet Muhammad.Pet directed towards qiblat.Takbir before or after reading basmalah.Pray.
People who make sacrifices should read the following prayer:
"Oh God, this is a blessing that comes from You and I beg him to be able to assist you."
EXCELLENT attorney doing the slaughter mention mewakilkannya such as:
"In the name of God, and Thou, the Great, this is from You and untukMu.Terimalah O God of the group, the group ....."
Discourteous to animals to be sacrificed, such as dragging or hitting when brought to the slaughter or the like.
Express breast milk or cutting hair or take any benefit from the sacrifice of animals to be made.Not submit to the slaughter committed qiblat
Shaving or cutting nails after arriving month Muharram to slaughter the sacrifice completed.Animals that have been purchased for the purpose of sacrifice is not encouraged to sell as it has been determined to sacrifice.Meat Law of Sacrifice
Mandatory sacrifice of the dinazarkan or determined either by saying, "This is the sacrifice", the person who sacrifices can not eat it. The distribution of obligation to all of them together.
Son to be the sacrificial animals as well, to be slaughtered like her mother, but the difference it can be eaten whole by the sacrifice you as law is equated with milk, because the master must drink the remaining milk from the animal sacrifices his son even though the act was disapproved.
For victims of circumcision, the master recommended to eat, which afdhalnya he should eat some feedback as to take berkat.Ini consistent with what Allah Almighty:
Thus you eat of (meats) the sacrifice of animals and feed on the poor, the poor and needy.(Surah Al-Hajj, 22:28)
Hadith narrated by Al-Bayhaqi also mentions that the Prophet sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam ate part of a sacrificial animal hearts.Eating meat is not required, is based on the word of God Almighty
And we made a camel (a gift to the poor Mecca) syi'ar part of the religion of Allah to you, on them is good for you.
(Surah Al-Hajj, 22:36)
In this verse God explains that he made for us. Each item is made for man, he is given the choice either to eat or not.People can also partake of the sacrifice among the rich, but can not be owned by them. That can only be sent to them as a gift which they will not sell or otherwise.According to the opinion of the qawl Jadid, the sacrifice can take part of his sacrifice. According qadim qawl would one eat by half, while the remainder must be charity.
Some scholars think the meat is divided into three parts, 1 / 3 raw meat in a state of charity, 1 / 3 meat is cooked and made meal and 1 / 3 of meat eaten by the people who make sacrifices.
Asahpula opinion, it is mandatory, giving away part of the meat although some Muslims are poor and not even a.
However, a more Afdhal shall eat it all but the wherewithal to take the blessing of some feed as described.
For victims of circumcision, the person can either donate berqurban of animal skins or use their own, as he should take advantage of the beast during his life. But charity is more Afdhal.For the compulsory victims, the leather is compulsory charity.
Sacrifice is not to be taken out of the country of origin as specified in the problem of carrying out charity.

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