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Badi'uzzaman Sa'id Nursi

Badi'uzzaman Sa'id Nursi
After six hundred years established as a general government, history witnessed the moment the second peak of Ottoman weakness. Actually moment occurred around the beginning of the 14h century, a multitude of internal and external attacks planned.
Second date of 1924, a black history for the control of Ottoman Turkey when Kemal Ataturk. Systems that have become hallmarks of the Caliphate Islamic state strength, leadership abrogated due to Western influence.

At that moment, appear figures in the history of Turkey's leading scientists that Badi'uzzaman Sa'id Nursi. He has claimed throughout his life for the cause to restore the greatness of Islam were destroyed it. At that time, religion is seen as a factor of backwardness and weakness in people. Secularism, materialism, and atheism was well received by local communities in the name of freedom and progress. Badi'uzzaman or real name Sa'id bin Mirza was born in 1876 (1294H) in Nurs, a small village in the district Khizan, Turkey. He is also known as Sa'id al-Nursi, referring to his birth place.
Nursi was born into a family of humble peasant life. Mother and father and their Kurdish origin is said to derive from the lineage of the descendants of Ahl-Bayt dl. Nursi was given the title Badi'azzaman (Supreme Ages) by his teacher, Sheikh Fathu'llah.

However, Nursi rejected because he felt himself not eligible to receive the title. Since young Nursi had demonstrated his interest to gain knowledge. He was fond of attending the discussion of knowledge between scholars who are often diadakandi his father's house. The atmosphere of this knowledge provides a significant influence on the soul and mind Nursi.

His interest nourish critical thinking, analysis, dialogue, and debate.Nursi began to wander when he was nine years in an effort to gain knowledge. He went to many scholars, including Shaykh Muhammad al-Jalali at the Madrasah Bayazid bordering Iran.Under the guidance of Sheikh Muhammad al-Jalali, Nursi has to learn and master the scriptures venerated as Jam 'al-Jawami, Sharh al-M.awaqif, and Ibn Hajar. This is where the commencement of the initial process development and the formation of Nursi thinking.
Opportunities at this level is valuable in Nursi, and always proceed with some of his famous scientists. His skills had begun to take leadership qualities as a scholar, and known then as the great young scholars. Governor of Bitlis, Omar Basha was loved and honored scholar knowledge.
Therefore he invited Nursi to stay at his residence with a large library. Nursi did not miss the opportunity to fulfill his ambitions.Omar Basha provide opportunities to learn and memorize Nursi books such as AI-MataIi, al-Mawaaif, and al-Mirqat. In two years at the residence of the Governor, he has managed to capture the knowledge of al-kalam, logic, grammar, tafsir, hadith, and fiqh with the sound.

But, her passion to continue its efforts to expand knowledge led him to leave the Bitlis. In the journey that he welcomed the invitation to serve on the Governor Hasan Basha in Wan as a scholar, in the year 1897 (1314H).

After some time living in residential Hasan Basha, Nursi once again invited to stay at home Tahir Basha, the new Governor Wan. While in the Wan, Nursi chance to meet and dialogue with leading figures of modern scientists. For the perceived weaknesses in the areas of modern science, prompted him to strive to further knowledge of modern sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and astronomy. In addition to science, he also studied history, mathematics, geography, and modern philosophy.
Once you master the field of religion and modern science, once again given the title as Badi'uzzaman Nursi. The title is accepted even as part of his name. His experience in seeking knowledge gives his awareness on the need to be changes in the education system.
Therefore, he has acted together the two branches of the religion and modern science that had previously been separated. Nursi determined to change the negative perception of the society which holds that religion and modern science can not be combined. His approach was implemented during his career as a teacher at the college known as the Madrasah Khur Khur.
Nursi holds that Muslims need to master both these branches of knowledge for the future of Muslims as a whole. He is also working hard to establish a university to be named Madrasat al-Zahra in Eastern Turkey. However, his efforts had failed because not obtain the consent of the influential group in Istanbul.

However, Nursi continue to strive to realize themselves Muslims as "The Example". Observation and awareness Nursi has prompted him to organize the movement to reform the education system that existed in his time. He was resolute that in today's modern world, religious knowledge and modern scientific knowledge to keep up.
When Turkey declared a Republic on October 29, 1923, transformed Turkey into a secular state. Kamal Ataturk implement policies based on the rule of secularism is anti-Islam.Untuk against the policy, Nursi then favor the formation of the Turkish Democratic Party. Hoping to be able to implement the rule of fair and little freedom is given to the Islamists. According to Nursi, if the Government may allow the understanding of secular atheist, why Muslims are not allowed to move freely.

Nursi had other views about the concept of "freedom" which he saw as a basic requirement. This needs to be respected in every religion and race. However, the concept of "freedom" should not be misinterpreted as the filling of the meaning of "freedom" is not in line with Islamic rules.
This is when the declaration of intent on the country's constitution, Nursi fighting to uphold the Constitution based on the pattern of government based on Islamic law. However, his holy wars that opposition from those who have yet to understand the greatness of the contents of the Quran.
Nursi view that awareness and understanding of the need to run even if takes a long time. The essential content of the Qur'an is really understood. He realized that violence only lead to hostility and did not bring any good to mankind.

In that effort, Nursi urged Muslims to evaluate those who are still in doubt about Islam. They need to be identified whether adadalam Muslims and non-Muslims. Those involved will be regarded as a group in need of help and guidance of the Muslims.

He was absolutely do not want to label them as enemies. By this method, the call of Islam can be more easily delivered and well received by the community. Rasa'il al-Nursi Niir is the work of the greatest contributions is his treasure. This masterpiece should be used by Muslims throughout the ages.
In fact, Rasa'il al-Nur is an interpretation of the meaning of the Qur'an al-Karim. In general, the contents of this book include questions of faith.According to Nursi, the only reference in the production of al-Nur Rasa'il book is the holy book the Qur'an al-Karim. Among the questions that a boy in his work is like Mustalah al'Hadith science, philosophy, Ilm al-Kalam, and knowledge of Sufism.
In the debate about Mustalah al-Hadith, Nursi emphasizes hadith often disputed the community. Here, he has produced an interesting debate. Among the most debated is related to the story of the Antichrist, the revelation of Jesus, Imam Mahdi, the Prophet Khaidir, Angel, the signs of the Hour, and so on. In talking about philosophy, al-Nursi in the brochure Madfchol ila al-Nur writes that philosophy is the philosophy of damage resisted and opposed to religious people.

For this reason, students are not opposed to modern philosophical schools Rasa'il al-Nitr, but they are both supporting the al-Nur Rasa'il content without any keraguan.Rasa 'il al-Nur also includes debates on knowledge of al-Kalam .

In a pamphlet al-Maktubat example, Nursi wrote that ma'rrfatullah presented by al-Razi through the Ilm al-Kalam contains weaknesses and shortcomings in the view of Ibn al-Arabi.Ma'rifatullah produced via Sufism also has disadvantages compared to the ma `rifah presented by the heirs of the Prophet.The scholars are the heirs of the Prophet in their yangmenurut kupasannya manhaj Quran.

Rasa'il al-Nur also contains the teachings of Sufism. But the boy did not mean to make the reader about a Sufi. In this case, Nursi often mentioned that this is not the time period or tariqah mysticism, but a time to save the faith of mankind. It is clear in that paper, he described that man could not enter heaven without faith, but many are able to enter heaven without Sufism. Humans certainly can not live without bread (wheat), but they can not live without fruit.

But Sufism is the fruit, while the reality of Islam (faith) is the bread. In this regard he pointed out that if the event Shaykh Abd al-Qadir al-Shaykh al-Jaylani and Naqshaband (founder of Sufism Naqshabandiyah), Imam Rabbani, and as such they are, living in our time, they would pour out all the ability to reinforce the fact of faith and Islamic faith. This is so because both (faith and belief) the source of true and lasting happiness.

Al-Nur Rasa'il well received among Turkish Muslims and those of other states in the country. Given the content has its own privileges and advantages, this book should be disseminated to the Muslims around the world. Recognising the importance of knowledge, al-Nitr Rosa'il book is translated into several other languages.

In addition to Arabic and English, the book Rasa'il al-Nur also translated into German, Italian, French, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Persian, Kurdish, Urdu, India, Malaysia, and several other languages ​​of Central Asia. Persistence of Islamic scholars of past struggles even fail to be emulated by Muslims of this age.

Most importantly, the Muslim community can assess the weaknesses and shortcomings of society at that time. Sa'id Nursi Badi'uzzaman struggle even start before winning Kamal Ataturk, but Muslims in those days were too far from the true Islam. Since many efforts she was getting a lot of opposition from many quarters.

But if Muslims want to follow the recommendations of the then Badi'uzzaman Kamal Atartuk certainly be defeated easily.

Therefore, this should be widely circulated Badi'uzzaman struggle among Muslims to be used as a guide in strengthening the faith and the faith of Muslims. That the massacre did not happen again, so should the Muslims in this country to assess the recommendations of this figure. Among the key recommendations is that Muslims master knowledge of modern science is founded on the basis of Islamization.

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