Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Meaning of BathingIn terms of language, means flowing water bath throughout the body.In terms of the Shari'ah, bathing means flowing water throughout the body with specific intent.Mandating Things BathroomMeet two of circumcision on the penis or just hasyafah entrance available to the penis into the farj crippled woman who was still alive though not completely drop out.Even a small drop out intentionally or even dreamed of.Out to menstruation, the natural blood coming out of the cervix when women in good health at a particular time.Childbirth or maternity (wiladah).Out childbirth, the blood that comes out after the birth.Death, but died a martyr.Prescribing BathroomIntention at the beginning of a journey on the body. For someone who is unclean or impure intention is to lift the large hadath. His intention as follows:Meaning: "Only my bathroom junub Ta` ala Allah ".or
Meaning:"Only I take great hadath Allah Ta` ala ".For people coming menstruation or childbirth intention is to raise hadath menstruation or childbirth. His intentions are as follows:Meaning:"Only I bath of menstruation because Allah Ta` ala ".or
Meaning:"Only my bathroom from childbirth because Allah Ta` ala ".Removes droppings found in the body.Flatten the water to the whole body, especially the skin, hair and feathers.Article Circumcision In BathroomThere are many things recommended in the bath, including:Reading "basmalah" the pronouncementWudu 'before bathing.Washing your hands palms.Rub the whole body.Precede the senior members of the body than the left.Repeat the washing of the body three times.Consecutive divorce not long in between washing a member of the other members.Mandi-Mandi CircumcisionBath-shower circumcised are as follows:Bathing on Friday for those who want to go to Friday prayer.Sadiq dawn of time.Bath day and day adhha nature. Time is starting from midnight on the feast.Bath as requested rainfall (RAIN).Bath for a lunar eclipse.Bathing as a solar eclipse.Bath for washing the body.Bath as in Islam.Bathing a lunatic after recovering his memory.Bathing the person is aware of blackouts after pitamnya.Bath time to garb.Bath as in Mecca.Bathroom because standing at 'Arafah.Bath for the night in Muzdalifah.Bath for throwing jumrah-jumrah the three in Mina.Bath because Tawaf of Arrival Tawaf Tawaf IF and Farewell Tawaf.Bath as the say.Bath for entry into Medina.

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