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Judgement Day

Judgement Day
Judgement Day
End of the Day of Judgement is a day for all creatures on this earth. Judgement Day is a day where all the people gathered from as early as the mankind since the time of the birth of Adam and Eve through to the last man once made and off by God.
On that day the man checked his practice, the Day of Judgement is a matter which is true, as true that every man will die. Al-Quran speak of Judgement as mentioned in Surah al-Hajj: 7 says: "And verily the Hour is surely coming, there is no doubt ..."
In another verse Allah says: "We did not create the heavens and the earth and what is in them, but the truth, and that the Hour is surely coming, so pardon them with good" (al-Hijr: 85)Youth of all, let us think for a moment on the small signs showing the proximity of Judgement based on authentic hadith of the Prophet saw by looking at the reality of our lives and the events occurring in humans at the moment.
Among the Minor Symptoms of Judgement Based on the Hadith:Conquest of Jerusalem
From Auf b Malik reported, "The Prophet said: "I count six points ahead of Judgement Day. "He says one of them, the conquest of Jerusalem." (Sahih Bukhari)
Zina the Mass
"And this leaves a bad human beings, the sexual intercourse impunity like a donkey. But in their time of Judgement is to come "(Sahih Muslim)Music Tools Being proud and digilaiAt the end of time there will be landslides, riots, and the change in the face. Some people asked the Prophet "O Allah if this is happening?" He said: "When was rampant music (the sounds) and overwhelmingly female singers" (Reported by Ibn Majah)Decorating the Mosque and proud
"Among the signs of the Hour is that the people were nearby boast in the establishment of mosques" (HR Nasai)The appearance of the abomination, deciding Brotherhood and Be Bad With Neighbors
"Judgement will not come up a lot of despicable acts and words, to break ties and a bad attitude to the neighbor" (Reported by Ahmad and Justice)Many people Salih dies
"Day of Judgement will not come until God takes good people and clergy in the land, no living in it except those who are despised and poor who do not know is right and does not reject evil" (Reported by Ahmad)
Dear Hina people Obtained Position
"Among the signs of the Hour is the world's growing nearby would be dominated by Luka 'ibn Luka' (the ignorant and base). So the best person when it is those who believe, flanked by two noble "(HR Thabrani)Greet Known Only To The"But there were signs of the Hour is that the people nearby do not want to say hello to anyone else unless he knew it." (Reported by Ahmad)Many women dressed but naked truthNarrated Abu Huraira reported "Among the signs were nearby will appear Hour is woman clothes and when they wear it like naked"
Crescent Looks Great
"Among the signs of the Hour was nearby was increased in the crescent." (HR Thabrani)
Many Lies and Not Just in the delivery of news"At the end of time will appear big liar-liar come to you with news you never heard and had not heard of before your parents, because of the utter them so they do not mislead and memfitnahmu." (Sahih Muslim )
Many False Witness and Keeping True Testimony"Verily before the Day of Judgement will be a lot of false testimony and concealed the true testimony." (Reported by Ahmad)
Arab National Grassland and the River"Day of Judgement will not come until the Arab states again become meadows and rivers." (Sahih Muslim)Thus part of the small signs to the Day of Judgement.
Let us reflect for a moment to become live. Our lives just a little on this earth, to live a short time, we fill in with something useful, whether on their own, religion, nationality or national level. If we as a teenager, there was a smart young, kind, remembered God, and serve.

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