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Writings of Greek philosophers like Plato and Aristotle had a tremendous influence on the thinking of Islamic philosophers. One of the Islamic philosophers who were influenced by the latter figure is Al-Farabi.
Real name of Abu Nasr Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Tarkhan ibn Uzlaq Al Farabi. He was born in 874M (260H) in Transoxia Wasij located in the Region in Turkey. His father was a poor army, but all that did not stop him from getting education in Baghdad. He has studied Arabic under the leadership of Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Ali al-Sariy.Selepas some time, he moved to Damascus before continuing on to Halab. While there, he served at the court of Saif al-Daulah to pay four dirhams a day.This led him to live in poor conditions.
Al-Farabi qanaah mesmerized by nature made him a very simple, not lust for wealth and love for the world. He is more concerned to seek knowledge from seeking worldly wealth. Al-Farabi's why living in the poor until he breathed his last in the 950 m. (339H). Although Al-Farabi was an ascetic, but he was not a mystic. He was a scholar who was well known in his time. He was able to master many languages.
In addition, he also is a musician that is reliable. Songs produced direct impact on the listener. Besides having the ability to play music, he also invented a type of musical instrument known as Al-Farabi gambus.Kemampuan not only that, but he also has a profound knowledge in medicine, science, mathematics, and history.

However, the skills of a more leading scientists in the field of philosophy. Even his prowess in this area over other Muslim philosophers like Al-Kindi and Ibn Rusyd.Dalam discuss political theory, he argues that reason and revelation is a solid fact. Any attempt and effort to separate the two elements will produce a nation of limp and a chaotic society. Therefore, reason and revelation should serve as the basis for building a strong, stable and prosperous.

Al-Farabi many philosophical and theoretical study of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle in its efforts to develop the theory and the concept of happiness. Not surprisingly, Al-Farabi is known as the most likely to understand the philosophy of Aristotle.

He also was the first person to write about Greek logic Arab.Meskipun regularly in philosophical thinking is greatly influenced by the Greek philosopher Plato, but he opposed the opinion of the organizing concept of the separation in the life of Al-Farabi manusia.Menurut, a philosopher should not isolate itselfof science and politlk. In contrast to master both to become a perfect philosopher.

Without science, a philosopher does not have enough equipment to diekspolitasikan to the interests of others. Thus, a genuine philosopher will not feel any difference between the highest and the government because they are complementary components.

In this regard he suggested that established a welfare state, led by members falsafah.Pandangan critical philosophy has put it at par with other Greek philosophers. Among Islamic philosophers, he is also known as the second Aristotle. For Al-Farabi, the knowledge of all things and scientists should be placed at the highest positions in the government of a country.
Al-Farabi view is actually very similar to that philosophy and teachings of Confucius who put the scientists at the highest hierarchical level in the social system of a country.

In addition, Al-Farabi also produce a lot of views ahead of his time. Among them he said that justice is human nature, while the battles that occur between people is the nature of symptoms tersebut.Pemikiran, ideas, and opinions on Al-Farabi's political philosophy contained in his work entitled "al-Fadhilah Medina".
The trial of the Hellenistic period and the philosophy of Plato and Aristotle's philosophy has been touched in the paper "IHSA * al-Ulum" and "Kitab al-Jam '. There are two books could not be completed by the Al-Farabi in his time.

The books are "The Key of Knowledge" which was completed by his student named Muhammad Al Khawarismi in the 976M and "Fihrist Al-Ulum" completed by Ibn Al-Nadim in 988M.Al-Farabi also has produced a book containing Islamic teaching music theory, given the title "Al-Musiqa" and regarded as one of the most important books in the field.As a man of genuine scholars, Al-Farabi also shows its tendency to produce a number of studies in the medical field.

Although research in this field does not make it famous, but his eyes have a meaningful contribution to the development of medical knowledge in zamannya.Salah an interesting view is about how the heart is more important than the human brain. This is because the heart gives warmth to the body when the brain is coordinating the warmth of the body according to the needs of members.

Indeed, Al-Farabi is a versatile philosopher. Many of the thoughts are still relevant to the development of human life today.Furthermore, the country's thinking about politics and more are reviewed and discussed at the university level to find solutions and synthesis of all the mess that happened on this day.

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