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Al-Razi was a Muslim philosopher who had caused controversy in the field of philosophy. Attitude and thinking is said to tend to his ideas and theories of ancient Greek philosophers like Plato.Therefore, many among Muslim philosophers recognize it, they do not agree with some opinions in a pro-platonism.

However, al-Razi remains placed in the list of leading Muslim philosophers to this day. Large contribution in the field of medicine and chemistry are valuable to the next generation.

While in the field of philosophy, al-Razi contributed significantly in explaining the philosophy of logic, metaphysics, moral, and prophetic rational and harmonious manner. That is why al-Razi, known as a rational and moral philosophy. Al-Razi, whose real name is Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi, was born in 236H equivalent to 850M. Some opinions say that he was born on an equal Sha'ban 251H 865M.
He was born bum! Iran, in Ray near Tehran was a famous philosopher in the 3rd century AH.He was in his youth a fiddle player (fiddle, tambourine) while singing, then he left the profession and to study medicine and philosophy. He studied medicine with Ali ibn Rabban al-Thabari (192 - 240H equivalent to 808-855M) and studied philosophy and al-Balkhi.

At the same time he also studied mathematics, astronomy, literature, and kimia.Semasa Mansur ibn Ishaq ibn Ahmad ibn Asad became Governor Ray, Al-Razi was entrusted to lead the hospital (hospital) for six years (equivalent to 902 290-296H - 908M ). At this time also al-Razi wrote the book al-al-Mansuri Thibb presented to Mansur ibn Ishaq ibn Ahmad. Then al-Razi moved to Baghdad at the request of the Caliph al-Muktafi (289 - 901 equivalent 295H - 908M), the authorities at that time.

In carrying out medical career, he was known as a very generous man, loved his patients, benefactors to the poor and give them free treatment. Hitti described the al-Razi as a doctor of the most general among Muslim doctor and a writer who produktif.Kemasyhuran al-Razi as a doctor, not only in the eastern world, but also in the West so much that he has been called The Arabic Galen.

After the death of Caliph al-Muktafi, al-Razi back to Ray, and died on 5 Sha'ban 313H (October 925M). The scholars hold that al-Razi had sore eyes, and then blind at the end of his life. Al-Razi suffered his diligence and read and write too much.

In the world of knowledge, tradition pros and cons never lapsed since ancient times even until today. Thus at the time of al-Razi, he did not escape the scientists opposed by al-Razi sezamannya.Penentang can be identified by scholars and scientists of Islam is Abu Qasim al-Balkhi.

He has written rejection of the books of al-Razi, especially the book "Ilm al'Ilahi. Similarly, the Syuhaid ibn al-Husain al-Balkhi, he had many differences with al-Razi, especially on the theory of pleasure. His theory of pleasure is explained in his book al-Na Tafdhil Ladzdzat ^ s, written again by Abu Sulaiman al-Mantiqi al-Sajistani the Sivan al-Hikmah.Al-Razi is among the leaders in the field of productive writing.
This is evidenced by many of his works are found, including the loss. No less than 200 compositions, including books, journals, and letters have been produced by al-Razi noted the researchers.Many of his works address the question of philosophy, medicine, science, divine, the Quran, theology, Arabic, fiqh and usul fiqh, geometry, and sejarah.Kemasyhuran al-Razi not only the pride of the Muslim world but also leadership qualities and expertise he also recognized by the western world.

This is evidenced by many of his works were of reference and the western world, especially in the medical field. To date the works of al-Razi is still in use.Kitab al-Hawi (Liber Contines) is an encyclopaedia of medical practice therapeutic world developed by a European reference.
Great interest to the European world that weighs 10kg masterpieces as evidenced by the publication several times since the century until the 12M-century al-Razi 17M.Penemuan the original measles smallpox (smallpox) and common measles (measal) also becomes a medical reference in the Western world but also repeated several times until the publication of century-18M. Both these works are also sources of the traditional curriculum among medical practitioners of Islam.

Kitab al-Mansur (al Mansorem Liber ad medicinalis) are also masterpieces of al-Razi in medicine. Al-Razi was the book when he was governor of Khurasan under the rule of al-Mansur Ibn Ishaq. In this book contained 10 findings related to the practice and sent to medical science.
This book is considered one of his works are genuine and reflect the maturity and expertise in modern medical practice. In this book the way he emphasized the importance of a thorough examination before making any conclusions about a disease.

One of the most important philosophy in the work of al-Razi was the truth in medical science is a very hard to come by and even more available reference value but less well when compared with the practice of a doctor who always use the power of the mind and logiknya.Al-Razi opposed strongly severity of fraud and malpractice in the practice of medicine.
Her physical illness can not be separated with a spiritual disease.Therefore, in the care of both spiritual and physical approaches exploited.Al-Razi also make a significant contribution in chemistry with terhasilnya Kitab al-asrar (The Book of Secrets).

This book has been translated into Latin and is a major source of chemical information to the century-14m. Among others, the success of al-Razi in medicine is the discovery of treatment for smallpox and the separation of alcohol in the production of antiseptic.

The contribution of al-Razi in the field of philosophy is just as good, with many works of philosophy terhasilnya is enough to prove a lot of interest al-Razi in the field of philosophy. His work in the field of philosophy called al-Ruhani Al'Thib is his greatest work in the field of philosophy.
This paper is centered on how the medication treatment of mental illness and heal the physical body. Among the major works that address the question of philosophy is the al-Sirah al'Falsafiyyah, lqbal aI'Dawlah al-Amarah, Kitab al-Ladzdzah, Kitab al-llmi al-Divine, ma fi Maqalah al'Thabiiyah baid, and al-Syukuk 'style Proclus.

Sami al-Nasysyar Alt has detected about 97 books that have been produced by al-Razi which covers the areas of the Qur'an (interpretation) of five, knowledge of word 40, Philosophy 26 fruits, seven Arabic, Fiqh and Usul Fiqh five, seven medical, five geometry, and history of the two.
Brockelman a biography orientalist scholars writing about dividing this figure to 13 fields with only met 38 of the paper only, including two of History, Fiqh three, three of the Quran, Dogmatics of 13, eight Philosophy, Astrology a fruit, a fruit Cheiromancy, Rhetoric of the fruit, the Encyclopedia of fruit, a fruit of Medicine, Physionomy two pieces, one of Alchemy, and Mineralogy of the fruit.

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