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What We Find In This World?

What We Find In This World?
By: Nur Akbar Agustiar
In a study of the philosophies of men to be one object of a separate study, human philosophy. Among those who discussed the purpose of human life. Call it Aristotle, a philosophy that was familiar, from Greece. The concept of the purpose of human life according to Aristotle in his famous Ethika Nicomachea. Namely, "The purpose of human life is happiness (eudaimonia). People who are happy do not require anything more on the one hand, and on the other side does not make sense if he still wanted to find something else. Human life will be more qualified when the more it can achieve what the purpose of his life. By achieving the purpose of life, humans will reach himself fully, so as to achieve the quality that is open for him ".
In simple terms the legendary philosopher's statement is in line with human nature. Where humans are more likely (see find) happiness and tend to avoid sadness or kesusahaan. If happiness is indeed looking for nature and purpose of human life.So the question is what kind of happiness? Then if merely looking for happiness?
Many people interpret and make sense of happiness here. One that is often considered to be able to realize the absolute happiness is if you get the power, wealth, and women. Because it is not rare to see so many people vying for the fundamental keitga. In the end, trapped in a hedonistic lifestyle even be a servant of the world.Islam has a concept of a more perfect and clear about the purpose of human life. Allah says in Quran "And I have not created jinn and man to worship Me." (Adh Dzariaat [51]: 56).
This is the most fundamental Islamic concept of the purpose of human life. No other humans were created to worship God Almighty. As Creator, God has an absolute right to his servant.According to Ibn Abas in the commentary of Ibn Kathir, the phrase "Liya'buduun" in this verse means "to humiliate themselves to God and glorify Him." With so worship here have a wide range of meanings. Not only limited to worship as we know it. Namely, prayers, alms, shaum, and pilgrimage. In simple terms we can understand, everything that is intended lillahi ta'la and does not violate the Shari'a then it is worth worship, inysa God.
A very interesting here was not only religious work unilaterally.However, reciprocity has for the man himself. Worship is not merely our duty as a servant to her Creator. Worship has a psychological effect which it has been living in eyewear philosophy, that is happiness.If we are really sincere and really understand the nature of worship itself. We'll be happy every time we finished pilgrimage.This means that any worship not merely in a special ritual gestures. Nor was it merely to fulfill the obligation. Messenger of Allah said, "Bilal's Stand, then we Suit with prayer" (Reported by Abu Dawud). In another narration: "O Bilal steadfast in prayer (meaning kumandangkanlah adzhan for mandatory call to prayer) we Suit with him (in prayer)."
From the hadith clearly illustrates that the prayer (worship) to bring comfort for those who perform the prayer. Even when he meniggalkannya then he will feel sad. Instead when he fulfilled he will feel happy. And Allaah knows best showab bus. (Republika)
The author is a student of Indonesia who is now studying in Cairo, Egypt.

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