Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Help the Poor, Malaysia Establish World Zakat Institutions

Help the Poor, Malaysia Establish World Zakat Institutions

  Seeing the reality of the increasing number of poor people,Malaysia is planning to establish the institution of zakat world.Zakat funds globally fit is used to help millions of poor peoplearound the world.

"Department of Zakat, and Hajj Alms (Jawhar) was foundedWorld Zakat Organisation (WZO). It is in desperate need ofsupport from other Muslim countries," said Minister in the PrimePosition Mentreri, Jamil Khir Baharom, Tuesday (22/11), reported.

Eighteen countries have agreed to join the WZO. Over time, he expects Islamic banks around the world will also contribute to theWZO.

Baharom hoping the assistance provided by the WZO will ease the burden on the Muslim community. In addition, funds raised will also be used to help people in conflict countries such as Somalia, Palestine and Afghanistan.

Technical plan is still being discussed in a three-day conference,which ends Thursday (24/11). From the meeting which was attended by 16 institutions of higher education in Indonesia,Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Algeria, Iran, Bangladesh,Belgium and Malaysia, it will be produced guidelines charity.These guidelines are expected to be adopted by all parties toensure appropriate targets are given zakat funds.

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