Friday, November 25, 2011

Fiqh of Hajj: Prohibition in Ihram

Fiqh of HajjProhibition in Ihram

The ban was only specialized in head hairother hair is notforbidden. This is the opinion of Ibn Hazm and schoolsZhahiriyah, they said"Not true postulate with the verse as the verse is specific to the hair of the head, and there is no otherexplanationWhile qiyas takes Illat equation in the branches (furu'and principal (ashl )if you set illat it is as clean and fun,because it's shaved head will produce cleanthen it is less precisebecause the mahram (someone who berihramare notforbidden to eatgood food and goodbut it is also generateexcitement, so she can wear the ihram garment type material at willand illat (becausethe prohibition is the prohibition ofshaving the hair of a prescribed syi'ar shave or trim the hair tocompleted or finished throwing Jumrah Umrah Aqabahand this opinion is more powerful of illat the aboveLikewise the origin ofthe hairs making the human body is kosher, then we should notforbid it from doing so except with the propositionthis opinion was corroborated by Shaikh Ibn Uthaymeen in his words"And it's closer (to truth) "

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