Monday, November 28, 2011

The obligation Subject to repent to God and Degrading Yourself (To Him) The Exposure Time Accidents

The obligation Subject to repent to God and Degrading Yourself (To Him) The Exposure Time Accidents

And you really know O Muslims will be trials and the calamities that happen in our time. Among them are the Muslims ruled by infidels such as Afghanistan, the Philippines, East Indies, Palestine, Lebanon, Ethiopia, and in others.
Among them is another earthquake in Yemen, and various other state. Among them was the death of an overflow again, a devastating wind, and swept treasures, trees, ships and so on.And snow are innumerable dangers of which are hunger, famine, and drought in various countries.
All of the above and disasters and calamities are such that God tested His servant is the cause infidelity and iniquity, and stay away from obedience to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala came to the world of luxury and passion that is short, turn away from the afterlife and without preparing ourselves for the hereafter except his servants who loved him.
It is clear that the calamities and other than requiring servants to immediately repent to Him of all that is forbidden by Allah to them, promptly obedient to Him, His lawless to the Shari'ah, mutual assistance in the goodness and taqwa, advice, advise the truth dasn patience.

Immediately repent To God!

Imam An Nawawi may Allaah have mercy say, "The scholars have agreed, that the repentance of all immoral action is mandatory; must be done immediately and should not be delayed, whether it be a small sin or big sin." Mistakes and sins committed by human beings a lot of .
Every day, man never sins, both venial and mortal sin, whether of sin to the Creator (Allah is the Creator) and sin to the creatures.
Each member of the human body never make mistakes and sin.The eyes are often seen to be rejected, the tongue is often talk that is not true, lie, curse, perjury, accusing, talk about disgrace fellow Muslims (ghibah), criticize, ridicule, insults, pit-sheep, slander, and others.
Ears often listen to songs and music are clear that is haraam, hands often touch non mahram woman, take the goods are not hers (ghasab), stealing, hitting, even kill, or commit other crimes.The feet were often moved to places of vice and other sins.

Sin and error will result in ugliness and humiliation of the perpetrator, both globally and in the Hereafter, if the person is not immediately offer repentance to Allah.

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