Monday, November 28, 2011

Not Exceed Limits In Pray

Not Exceed Limits In Pray

Degrading the sound and not mengeraskannya including ethics inprayer. Ethics reflect positive values​​. Among them: (1) Thisindicates a greater faith, because he believes that AllahSubhanahu wa Ta'ala hear a soft voice,

(2) It is more civilized and polite. If Allah wa Ta'ala Subahnahuhear the slow, then it should not be in his presence except in a low voice.

(3) As a sign of khusyu attitude 'and the subordination of heartwhich is the spirit of prayer,

(4) bring more sincerity. Because prayer with a loud voice to make others feel annoyed and provoked attention to the soundslouder outbursts.

(5) It helps to be consistent and always pray. Since lips do not feel bored and members of the body does not experience fatigue. As people who read and repeated it out loud, then it will more quickly feel tired.

(6) How to pray in a low voice also shows, that a servant believesits proximity to Allah Ta'ala wa Subahnah

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