Sunday, November 13, 2011

In Pahang and Malacca, Malaysia Muslim Gay Threats Faced Jail

In Pahang and Malacca, Malaysia Muslim Gay Threats Faced Jail

Two states in Malaysia will issue a rule that would punish Muslimgays and their supporters. Those who are caught, will be imprisoned.

"Friendly contrary to Islam. The man must be paired with awoman, and vice versa. As opposed to this rule, he followed the law of the West," said the Chief Minister of Malacca, MohamadAli Rustam.

Politicians from the party United Malays National Organisation, claiming many are wrong to translate human rights. "People talkabout human rights, but this is not right. It is our duty to stop it.During this time, we act but there was no legal umbrella," he said.

Homosexuality is taboo for Malaysia. Perpetrators of acts ofsodomy if convicted could be sentenced to 20 years in prison.With the new rules later, every activity that smells supportshomosexuality would be prohibited.

In the state of Pahang, this rule will also be enforced. A highlyrespected local clerics, Abdul Rahman Osman, the daily The Starstated the need to act for those who deviate sexual orientation.

More recently, Human Rights Watch urged Malaysia to protectthe rights of lestian, homosexual, and transgender. In a letter sentto Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, they emphasized the state to intervene to provide protection. This letter related to the forced dissolution of the annual gay festival in the country.

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