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Already two days, Hajj Pilgrims Stranded in Solo Kloter 18 quarters; After Highlighted Related Consumerism Haji, now in Makkah question about Waste Pollution

Already two days, Hajj Pilgrims Stranded in Solo Kloter 18 quarters; After Highlighted Related Consumerism Haji, now in Makkah question about  Waste Pollution

The pilgrims from group embarkation kloter Solo (SOC 18) has now been abandoned two days in the region pemondokannya Hafair, Makkah. They have not been able to return to the homeland because there are problems in flight.
''The Garuda flight we noted there are 375 people who will go home. But it turns out by the maktab pilgrims who would come home only sent 130 only. As a result we failed to go home, because the airline did not want to take it because the pilgrims did not fit the flight data at the airport,''said Haryono, pilgrims Kloter 18 SOC member, in Makkah, Thursday (17/11).
According to him, the result will not be home on time while the lease is up huts, the pilgrims were stranded. The management did not want to provide hostel facilities to the pilgrims again.
''Drinking water was gone. Many pilgrims, especially the elderly stress because they can not go home. They are sick because many complained was no longer good to eat,''he said.
Responding to the question, the Head of the Regional Working Makkah, Arsyad Hidayat, said the issue had been addressed.However, actually it's not a problem on his side, but it becomes a problem maktab and the airline.
''We continue to try to help pilgrims to resolve this. But when it comes to passenger data and flight time is not on our otoritasnsya,''firmly Arsyad Hidayat.
Some members of the congregation Kloter 18 SOC's, yesterday afternoon, it went to the Mecca Daker. They requested that the parties could soon help Daker completion problems pemulang congregation.
''We know this is not a service problem Daker, Taoi kamiharap they could help us. Do we too long neglected in the shelter.Kasihanlah to the pilgrims who ended up,''said Haryono.
Hajj pilgrims are encouraged not Bring Items Overstated

Although often overlooked, the pilgrims continue advised not to bring home the goods excessively. It also requested not to attempt to hide the water of Zamzam in the suitcase. This is because it will surely get caught in baggage checks at airports Jeddah King Abdul Aziz.
''We continue urges pilgrims not to carry goods over 30 kilograms in luggage bag. Carry the goods brought in planes also do a lot. It will definitely be banned,''said the head of the Regional Working Makkah, Arsyad Hidayat, Thursday (17/11).
It is concerned with the number of pilgrims to the property must be left at the airport because of excess. In addition, the excess goods to make the flight attendant hassles of checking the contents of the bag worshipers.
''Imagine the thousands of bags to be checked. If there is excess and Zamzam water is in the bag they also have to spend.Consequently, this process also menghambar flight plan for when the plane was ready pilgrims still checked luggage,''said Arsyad.
Addressing the matter of the number of pilgrims who carry excess stuff when I got home, the Daker Makkah yesterday distributing pamphlets containing himbaun to pay attention to the many pilgrims luggage. This becomes important because during this time the pilgrims appear to ignore it.
''Appeal for Zamzam water in order not to deviate in the bag for instance already existed since a year ago. At that time the Saudi Arabian government has set strict sangak Zamzam water discharge even though it was carried by the pilgrims. Well, this is still less ignored,''he said.
On the other hand, the difficulty of pilgrims bring home souvenirs during the hajj, is also constrained by the 'poor' service delivery of goods to Indonesia via freight company. Claim they can deliver goods to the ground water for 20 days before the peak period and 30 days after the Hajj pilgrimage peaks much unproven.
Pilgrims from Jakarta, Syamsuri, complained that Zamzam water shipment is sent ten days before the peak of haj has yet to get to his house. Though the water was already waiting for relatives who long ago had ordered it.
''Now, when contacted by telephone the sender is always dead.What's this? Shipment has been for nearly a month I have not reached the house,''rungut Syamsuri in disgust.
In Mecca during the hajj, is suddenly popping up a lot of package delivery company. All promise to deliver goods quickly and safely. But it seems they only lip service to attract customers.
''I'm 40 days of new goods arrived at the house in Surabaya. If there is talk and promises of goods travel entrepreneurs can send goods to the house that lies just 20 days. Moreover, when sent on pilgrimage season, could be a new up to two months.Zamzam water for example are now sent through the ship, could no longer be sent through the plane as it used to,''said Yusran, mukimin Indonesia in Makkah.
Hajj Pilgrims Health Services Not Optimal

Handling of health problems during the pilgrimage needs to be improved. Because health services for the pilgrims on Hajj Medicine Center (BPHI) assessed are lacking.
Service Improvement Coordinator Implementation Monitoring Team Hajj (TP4H) Central Java, Syamsul Ma'arif, said in BPHI still lack health infrastructure. "The bed of patients there is still little," he said when met at the Parliament Building in Central Java, Street Hero, Wednesday (16/11).
Syamsul said bed patient in BPHI only about 200 beds. This amount is far in comparison to the number of Indonesian pilgrims as many as 230 thousand.
Inequalities of this makes the handling of patients do not run optimally. "Finally, patients who have not healed had to get out because the queue with other patients," said Arifin.
This has ever happened to her. "I never stay in there, so know very well how his ministry," said parliament member of Commission E of Central Java.
While undergoing treatment at BPHI, Syamsul forced to exit because the beds are few in number and should be used interchangeably with other patients. In fact, said Syamsul, his condition was not healed properly.
As a result of being forced out before fully recovered, Syamsul eventually fell ill. "After wukuf, ended up in hospital again and was hospitalized four days," he said.
However, Syamsul praised cathering provision provided for the pilgrims. Cathering calls himself this year has been better than last year. "Catheringnya not never late, even ready before the pilgrims arrived," he said.
Syamsul admitted had encountered problems in the provision of catering. Because the catering was not allowed into the hotel. But with talks with the hotel, catering finally was allowed to enter. "We had threatened the hotel, if catering is not allowed in, we'll move the hotel. Finally, the catering was allowed to enter," the story of Syamsul.
Hajj pilgrims Losing Money on Camping, Home Owner Gives Compensation

Indonesian pilgrims who lost their money and valuables in the bungalow when left to worship in Arafat, Muzdalifah and Mina during the four days will be replaced by the homeowner, so that pilgrims do not need to worry.
"We're trying to do all the missing valuables ask the homeowner instead of as a form of their responsibilities to the loss of goods pilgrims," ​​said Head of the Regional Security Working Mecca, Bastomi Khoiri Ahmad told reporters in Mecca on Tuesday.
Bastomi Khoiri Ahmad said a number of pilgrims had complained to the Regional Security Working (Daker) Mecca about losing valuable items when room service was left to Arafat, Muzdalifah and Mina (Armina).
There's even room in the shelter with the window broken into is not responsible so that pilgrims lose money and valuables.
Bastomi say, a congregation at home 347 for example, claimed loss of 5 million and had sought reimbursement received from homeowners and the pilgrims have received the change as much as 100 percent.
In 3814 the house, he said, there are even 10 people who claimed loss of Rp1, 4 million and 4307 riyals (1 riyal around Rp2.400) and by homeowners throughout the loss has been replaced by the homeowner.
"We've tried and tried to homeowners to want responsibility and we managed to homeowners seeking to replace the entire loss suffered by pilgrims Indonesia," he said.
In addition, the loss is also experienced by pilgrims who occupies the house at number 214 who lost a laptop and has replaced 5000 riyals, also at home 209 pilgrims who lost money Rp 8 million also have got a replacement.
Lose the most, he says, experienced a number of pilgrims who occupies the house who lost money Rp49 813 and 8800 million riyals.
"To lose that much homeowners are willing to do replacement but there were not that big. The reason is because the amount is too large," said Bastomi.
Besides losing money and objects in the room bungalow beerharga, he added, the security of Mecca Daker also received many reports from tens to hundreds of people who lost money and valuables while in Mecca.
The pilgrims who lost their own are generally caused by negligence, such as forgetting to put a bag over ablution, forgot to put the bag up stolen and seized a total loss of about Rp141 million.
"If it is lost outside the lodge room there is no replacement. Who wants to change because of the negligence of pilgrims. We of the security forces can only receive the report and follow up report to the authorities in Mecca," said Bastomi.

Already Over 20 Thousand Hajj Pilgrims Arrive in the country

A total of 20,478 pilgrims Indonesia until Monday at 21:18 when Saudi Arabia (WAS) or Tuesday at 1:18 pm with 51 groups of flies had arrived in the country after a 40-day stay in Saudi Arabia pilgrimage.
"The number of pilgrims as much as it would have continued to increase in line with the commencement of a return to the country since the 11th of November," said Haji Head of Integrated Computerized Systems (Siskohat) Ministry of Religious Evi Al Hudhori in Mecca on Monday (14/11).
Pilgrims of that is 10.25 percent which was already in the country, while still lagging behind in Saudi Arabia as much as 199 693 people and will gradually return to the country after running a variety of worship.
According to him, debarkation (arrival airport) Most pilgrims until the time was the SOC (Solo) as many as 3367 people in nine groups of flies (kloter), debarkation JKS (Jakarta) as many as 3147 people with seven kloter, debarkation SUB (Surabaya) 3127 with seven kloter, debarkation JKG (DKI Jakarta) with 1814 people with four kloter.
It is said, to date there are 165,404 pilgrims in Mecca premises with the majority coming from the SUB embarkation of 35,072 people, JKS embarkation of 31,643 people, as well as SOC embarkation of 27,350 people.
"While the premises of pilgrims who have been in Medina, amounting to 11,039 people," he said.The presence of pilgrims in Medina to perform worship Arbain and after that returned to the country.
Bring Zamzam in the suitcase will be making Hajj Pilgrims

Indonesian pilgrims on the way back to the country known to still exist that attempt to hide the Zamzam in a suitcase to take to the cabin, although it is prohibited by international flights ketentuann.
"Zamzam in the suitcase still we get in different packaging but not too much," said Supervisor Cargo Garuda Indonesia Erick Sando, in Jeddah on Monday.
Such actions, he said, it even makes it difficult and slow smooth inspection of goods and it is not possible flight schedule will be too late.
In fact, he says, Garuda has since long ago informed the pilgrims not to bring objects and sharp liquid into the cabin, because it certainly would be banned so that the goods should be abandoned.
"We are reminded and urged the pilgrims do not try to slip into the forbidden items luggage into the cabin because it will slow down the investigation. Please be obeyed," he said.
Garuda Indonesia to understand the condition of the pilgrims who feel deprived with five liters of Zamzam. Only, he appealed to pilgrims not too much to bring Zamzam water, as this would be associated with haulage plane.
"City Check In Garuda" every day to sort luggage 2700 pilgrims from seven groups of flies (kloter), which will fly into the country. In these places, luggage bags were weighed and sorted through the xray, whether or not carrying dangerous goods.
Erick Sando said the pilgrims luggage is weighed and taken since the lodgement by the cargo company named Majro'i.
The Company is then carrying pilgrims from good accommodation in Mecca and Medina to the "City Check In Garuda" in Madinatul Hujjaj, Jidda. "Suitcases of Mecca sent 30 hours before flying. While Medina sent 48 hours earlier," he said.
Then in Madinatul Hujjaj, luggage is weighed and sorted through the x-ray. Next 12 hours before the flight, luggage is sent to the trunk Garuda King Abdul Aziz Airport, Jeddah.
Two hours before the plane that will take pilgrims to fly, these items must be incorporated into the aircraft baggage
Increase the number of pilgrims Dead People Being 257

Concerns about the many pilgrims who died a week after the peak Haj at Arafat, Muzdalifah, and Mina (Armina) terbukti.Data Siskohat released on Monday (14/11) at 09:00 Time of Saudi Arabia (WAS) showed that all day Sunday (13 / 11) the number of pilgrims who died was 257 people.
The number of pilgrims who died quickly when it jumped a day earlier than the data which only reached 212 worshipers. In fact, in the early days of arrival until late implementation wukif at Arafat, pilgrims who died on average only 2-3 people per day.
''Yes, today is the day to day peak number of pilgrims who died.The next few days the number will decrease. This trend that happens every year. Graph is always so,''said Senior Center Staff Health Department Kesehatanm Haji Abdul Hafidz, in Makkah, Monday (14/11).
According to him, the large number of pilgrims who died post-implementation follow the procession of pilgrims peaks in the region Arafat, Muzdalifah, and Mina (Armina) is mostly due to physical exhaustion induced factors. Disease that was already there getting worse. Even a healthy even after the peak of the pilgrimage, too sick. ''Last year on the same day also did not differ in number, reaching 47 people died in one day,''said Hafidz.
Computerized Hajj Integrated Data System (Siskohat) at 08:53 WAS, noting the last position pilgrims died when it reached 257 people. Regular pilgrims died and 245 people died pilgrims plus 12 people. In the data shows, most pilgrims died from Surabaya embarkation 53 people, followed by embarkation Solo 46 people, 33 people embarkation Jakarta, Jakarta embarkation 29 people, as well as embarkation Makassar 18 people. Most of the pilgrims who died of old age, 60 years and over.
Lonjakah number of pilgrims who died feel when you see the number of pilgrims who died until Saturday (12/11) at 16:18 when Saudi Arabia (WAS). At that time the numbers are still reached 212 people, with details of 204 people and eight regular Haj pilgrimage special.
However, at that time origin position of the pilgrims who died still has not changed. Most pilgrims died from Surabaya embarkation 44 people, followed by embarkation Solo 38 people, 29 people embarkation Jakarta, Jakarta embarkation 23 people, as well as embarkation Makassar 17 people.
Director General of the Organization of Hajj and Umrah Slamet Riyanto Ministry of Religious Affairs, says worshipers died this year aged 60 was a lot of up and went out in high risk groups (RisTI). "It's the age of 60 years and over many pilgrims who died in the implementation because it is a factor of age and fatigue," he said.
Second wave of pilgrims who come close to the peak of the Hajj, gradually began to migrate to Mecca on Sunday. They plan to be there as long as 8-9 to practice their religion Arbaiand i pray the Prophet's Mosque.
Still wary of the many pilgrims who exhausted after doing Armina, Coordinator of the Media Centre Medina Haji Zainuddin said the officer PPIH Daulay Daker Medina was aware of the health threat to the pilgrims. Because the general condition of post-peak decline hajj pilgrims in Mecca and Armina.
"We urge them to control the condition of the body, lest the congregation fell ill due to force myself to worship while in Medina," said Daulay.
In addition, he called for the catering supervisor team requested further enhance their work. This, he said, so that cases of pilgrims suffered health problems due to catering not happen again. "We hope that no cases of diarrhea caused because the issue of catering," he said. N muhammad Subarkah
Many Pilgrims Bring Prohibited Items to the Aircraft Cabin

Indonesian pilgrims are still not very disciplined in carrying on the plane. Consequently, examination of luggage of pilgrims at King Abdul Aziz Airport Jeddah to be very long because in one kloter there are many pilgrims carrying prohibited goods.
Garuda Indonesia observations at King Abdul Aziz Airport Jeddah find lots of pilgrims who bring prohibited goods into the plane. 'This is a pretty big factor in influencing the delay in repatriation kloter first airport in the middle of the limited facilities such as x-ray machine that only one unit for 4,000 Indonesian pilgrims.
Senior Manager of Planning and Policy Garuda Indonesia Haji Anwar Sofyan said it had reprimanded the officer of Saudi Arabia because they find many Indonesian pilgrims who bring prohibited goods into the cabin. ''And we have to do body search (physical examination) and asking worshipers to deliver goods that are prohibited before they enter the airport,''he said in Jeddah on Saturday (12/11).
Garuda also has repeatedly expressed a number of items prohibited from entering the aircraft to the pilgrims. Even when the inspection of goods in the plaza, located adjacent to the airport, Garuda officials had asked the congregation to give up these banned items.
Of pilgrims every kloter, Garuda officials, many get scissors, nail scissors, cutter, kitchen knives, forks, spoons, and fluid in the size specified above. Garuda officer repeatedly reminded the congregation not to try to bring the goods to the airport as well as the goods will not be taken home.
However, the fact still many pilgrims who carry these items and are reluctant to submit to petugs Garuda. Consequently when these pilgrims go to the airport and checked by x-ray machine, which prohibited goods remains are still many workers in Saudi Arabia.
''The bags we pilgrims must eventually be dismantled and this takes a long time. If there's one there are 50 people kloter pilgrims like that then when an inspection by airport officials the longer,''he said. Though the waiting room before an x-ray examinations at King Abdul Aziz Airport is only provided one room for Indonesian pilgrims. The longer the pilgrims luggage inspection, will be more in line next kloter who will be using the room. It was eventually affect flight schedules.
Therefore, Sofyan again urge the Indonesian pilgrims to obey the rules of flight so as not to find problems at the airport.
After Highlighted Related Consumerism Haji, now in Makkah Disoal Waste Pollution

After the pilgrimage season, waste and environmental health problems in Makkah spotlight. With the increasing threat of climate change, emerging calls for authorities in Mecca helped reduce the environmental damage caused by the entry of millions of people in a one-time opportunity.
"Everyone arrives at the same time, in the same place, and every year the numbers grow," said Dr Husna Ahmed, the lead author of The Green Guide for Hajj, a booklet that promotes sustainable practices ecologically for Hajj released earlier this weekend.
Ahmed, who is also CEO of Faith Regen Foundation, said that the plastic bottles as much as 100 million more discarded by pilgrims during the Hajj last year. Ahmed added that Makkah authorities have not made adequate provision for waste recycling.
"All the waste from food, smoke, and all the energy used to power the hotels, have a significant environmental impact," said Ahmed."And that's before you think about the carbon footprint of all the people who fly all over the world."
According to Ahmed, the problem is both practical and cultural. In fact, local authorities in Mecca can begin to introduce energy-saving measures, such as solar power to the Grand Mosque and environmentally friendly transportation.
"Unfortunately, the issues of climate change and conservation is not a high priority for Muslims," ​​Ahmed said.
Earlier, in an article ficer, The Independent newspaper strip in the Holy City that turned into a center of world consumerism and built are like Las Vegas. "Although the Prophet Muhammad came to emphasize equality, Mecca turned into a playground for the rich where capitalism by naked eye blurs the spirituality of the city," they wrote, quoting the words of one critic.
The same is disclosed institutions Pilgrimage Green Network (GPN). "If you think about God as creator, then it must happen to you to take care of His creation," said Martin Palmer, secretary general of this network. GPN is a multi-religious organization that aims to make the holy city of alliances around the world to commit to sustainable practices, such as banning cars on the pilgrimage route, improving waste management and investing in renewable energy.
According to this network, more than 100 million people a year make religious pilgrimages, making it one of the biggest reasons for the holy city manager for the environment.
"Pilgrimage has become corrupted by consumerism," he said.Differences with dozens of years ago. "First, they bring water to drink in a flask, rather than by buying a plastic bottle," he said.
This network was launched last week in the holy city of Assisi Catholic in Italy. The network consists of 12 member cities, including Amritsar in India, where they have promised to provide clean drinking water to Sikh pilgrims who travel to the Golden Temple there, and at St Albans in England, the Church of England said it would install solar panels on the cathedral.
"It's just the beginning," said Palmer, who intend to target the 300 cities included in this network.
To join the network, he said, the authority of the city should be willing to work in partnership with community and religious lintasetnik toward "environmental goals together."
Makkah, he said, has not become a member. "I understand that the religious authorities will go through a number of steps carefully to make sure everything is in accordance with Islamic law before giving official support to them," he said.
He noted that local governments in Makkah has shown a commitment to environmental reform, with the construction of a new metro system is capable of transporting 2.5 million pilgrims.They also conducted a series of ongoing discussions to provide a flask of water.
According to Omar Faruk, founding director of EcoMuslim, conservation is not only compatible with Islamic teachings, it is integral.
"Quran says Earth is green and beautiful, and God has appointed you as a caliph on earth," he said. "Put simply, go green is a central part of being a good Muslim."

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