Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hajj and Simplicity

Hajj and Simplicity
By: Prof. Dr. Achmad Satori Ismail

Haji Mabrur no reward except paradise. (Reported by at-Thabrani from Ibn Abbas). Someone who Mabrur Hajj of course, will behave in the world of Paradise. The characteristics of Paradise globally is piety in life. While the details of the properties Muttaqin, many mentioned in the Koran. (See Surah al-Baqarah [2]: 2-4, Ali Imran [3] :133-135).
Deeds of Paradise are all loved by God different from the characteristics of experts hell. Among the expert nature of hell is to live bermewah luxury. "And the leftists, who left the group. In (abuse) a very hot wind and hot water to a boil, and in the shade of black smoke. Not cool and not fun. Surely they, before that luxury." (Surat al-Waqi'ah; 41-45).
Bermewah luxuries in life will have a negative impact for themselves and society. For, first, causing less devout religious kawajiban perform. Second, the opinion of scholars searching for the lightest in all respects. And easy to hit that bastard. Third, clinging to things that are frivolous.
Fourth, raises his hard heart, science is often forgotten by drowning in luxury. Fifth, rarely do muhasabah (self evaluation).Sixth, less able to bear the heavy burden of life and face a variety of exams. Seventh, people who bermewah luxuries often deviate from the true path, arrogant, and belittling others.
Luxuries in life can derail him in corruption, collusion, and nepotism. Therefore, Islam prohibits bermewah luxuries in life. "O Children of Adam, wear beautiful clothes in every (enter) the mosque and eat and drink, and be not extravagant. Allah loves not those who exaggerated." (Surat al-A'raf [7]; 31). Prophet confirmed, Eat, drink, dress, and bersedekahlah without exaggeration and conceit. (Reported by Ahmad and Abu Daud).
Hajj is prescribed for Muslims to take up a lot of benefits and wisdom (al-Hajj [22]; 27-28). Among the silver lining is we instill in order to reproduce remembrance, strengthen ukhuwah, used patience, eroding a sense of pride, affirming simplicity in life, and away from luxury.
One of the pillars of Hajj is the pilgrimage. When the ihram, a man wearing two pieces of white cloth is used as sarongs and scarves. "Let any one of you berihram by using gloves and scarf and a pair of sandals." (Reported by Ahmad: 2 / 34). Preferred white cloth, based on the word of the Prophet Muhammad, "The best of your clothing is white, then put on him and the corpse kafanilah you with it." (Ahmad).
As for women, she still wore women's clothing that covers the private parts, except the face and palms. During ihram is not allowed to wear perfume though it should be clean and pure.
Overall it aims to instill simplicity in life. Kemabruran Hajj pilgrims returning from the pilgrimage will be proven with a simple life of piety and thereafter until the end of life. (Republika)

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