Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tired Find Empty Land, British Muslims change His home garage become a Mosque

Tired Find Empty Land, British Muslims change His home garage become a Mosque

A Muslim man who five years trying to build a mosque in West Bridgford finally found a new location, namely his own garage.Mohammed Malik, 68, who settled in Loughborough Road, is currently asking permission to related parties to change his garage to be converted into mosques or rather small Mosque.

Malik said, Muslims in the West Bridgford currently have a place to worship without having to travel to several cities. "I have tried everything to find and locate a suitable piece of land where the council will agree we have a mosque, but the effort was always consistently blocked," he said.

"Now I'm hoping to get permission to allow the garage of my house became a place of worship for Muslims. There is a prayer room for men and women who are separated," he said again.

"The population of West Bridgford community big enough now and deserve to have their own mosques. St. Ann's, The Meadows, Forest Fields, Sneinton all have one - West Bridgford why not?" he asked.

Malik, who lives in a semi-detached house, said many Muslims have been using the garage - dubbed the Madrasah Taleem-ul-Quaran - as a place of worship during the last ten years.

In 2008, Malik plans to build a mosque on land owned by Rushcliffe Borough Council on Collington Road, West Bridgford, but the council rejected the plan. He appealed the decision and won, in 2009, but further constraints he did not have enough funds to buy land.

A Borough Council spokesman said, "we never told Mr. Malik that we will sell the land to him."

Since then Malik, former secretary of the Islamic Center in St. Ann, looked at other areas and then gaining ground in West Bridgford, but these efforts have not produced results.

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