Monday, November 28, 2011

Dialogue With Terrorists (Learning From Experience In Saudi Arabia crack down on terrorism)

Dialogue With Terrorists (Learning From Experience In Saudi Arabia crack down on terrorism)

CategoryAl-Masaa'il: Terrorism

Such as IndonesiaSaudi Arabia is one of the most talked aboutwhen people discuss terrorismOsama bin Laden's death newslately also makes Saudi Arabia re-discussed. Previously, a lot ofevents surrounding the terrorism that has occurred in the countryin charge of the two holiest cities of Islam. In many cases ofterrorism in Indonesiafound many of the terrorists who had previously been convicted of terrorismOnce in prison andserving a sentencethey are not converted, but still holding theiroriginal thinking and behaviorApart from guidance factorsit isvery likely due to improper handling or not optimalMistake of thinking that they have included in the doubtful categoryso that the physical punishment they received in prisonor socialpunishment in the form of oblique views of the community does not necessarily make them wary and awareThey regard their action as worship (jihad) that they draw closer to Allah Almightyand the punishment they receive in the world is the consequenceof obedience which further adds to the coffers of their reward.These conditions are demanding the government and the Ahlus Sunnah scholars to think of a better solutionso that movement ofterrorism can be reduced with more optimalThis short paperpresents a solution that has proven efficacious suppress thoughtsand acts of terrorism based on the experience of the Kingdom ofSaudi Arabia.

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