Friday, February 24, 2012

Qur'an Tatarstan reach Guinness Records

Qur'an Tatarstan reach Guinness Records

Al-Qur `an that is mosque QolsharifTatarstanhas received a certificate from the Guinness Worlds Record the qur` anendorsement as the world's largest size.

Al-Qur `an was sized 150x200cmhas 632 pages with a weight of 800kgSheet-the sheet is printed on paper made ​​in Scotland.Malachite stones adorned the front coverphyanitejade andother semi-precious stonesLeaf-shaped ornament made ​​ofgold and silver.

"We have received the Guinness World Records certificatestating that al-Qur` an we are the world's largest print edition,"said Mintimer Shimiyev, board member of TatarstanFriday(18/02/2012quoted by Cihan.

Al-Qur `an is placed in the mosque Qolsharif since November 2011.

In Juneal-Qur `an the giant Bolgary area will be taken to and stored on a monument erected to commemorate maketh Islamas state religion in 922 Volga Bulgaria.


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