Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bank bailout funds Graded Haji Cause Interest Booming

Bank bailout funds Graded Haji Cause Interest Booming

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID- The number of pilgrims has increasedinterestIn addition to the ever higher interest duethe registrantwishes membludaknya pilgrimage are also encouraged bankbailout.

The existence of these bailouts make the pilgrimage one caneasily sign upJava DPRD members of the Commission E,Syamsul Ma'arif said the bailout system, the new residents whohave money USD 2.5 million have been able to register and getseatsEase that made ​​the pilgrimage quota was always full tooverflow to the next ten years.

"With a USD 2.5 million people to the list, as covered by thebank. During tungu, prospective pilgrims should pay through thebank/ / LHA / / such a system should be changed so that thewaiting list was up to for years," said Syamsul in Diamondparliament building JavaTuesday (14/2).

PKB politicians are calling for the bailout program to stop thepilgrimage is difficultbut the Ministry of Religious Affairs(Kemenag) can alter the mechanism of registration of pilgrimsIe every pilgrim must register with the Ministry of Religious Affairswith the deposit of funds in cash pilgrimage to the present set of Rp 25 millionAnd then pay off the remaining cost of Pilgrimage(ONH) during the waiting period.

"If all this is notthe list by showing proof of having paidpilgrimage from the bank deposit funds," he saidWith this system, the pilgrims who have not had a fund of Rp 25 million so it can not register.

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