Friday, February 10, 2012

'Hopefully Islam Growing in Poland'

'Hopefully Islam Growing in Poland'

REPUBLIKA.CO.IDWARSAW - A South African MuslimYusufBulbulia had an interesting experience during a visit to Warsaw,PolandHe struggled to find a mosqueAround in circles looking for a mosqueuntil finally bertemua with brethren in the big city.When asked, where is the location of the nearest mosqueHis brother said, no.

"He said to meperform the five daily prayers at homeSimilarlyJum'atanAs humanswe should not forget to say thanks thank God for what we have,he said as quoted onislam.netTuesday(7/2) .

Especially in South Africasaid BulbuliaMuslims are veryfortunate to have a mosque there which can be used to pray five times a daySouth African Muslims are also fortunate to havekosher restaurants are easily accessible.

"We also have an organization that allows fellow Muslims candiscuss,he said.

"I am thankful to Allah SWT, Muslims have mosques in every city.May God grant us taqwaInsha AllahIslam continues to grow inSouth AfricaPoland and also in every country in the world," hesaid.

Currently there are three mosques in Polandthe last one was built near the Baltic Sea to the north in 1991two years aftercommunism collapsed in this countryIn addition to the mosque,there is a small prayer houses scattered around the countrywhere Muslims live.

Muslim population in this country is not known since the last census in 2002However, the estimated number of those only about 10 thousandand the largest Muslim ethnic Tatarfollowed by TurkeyMuslim Tatars in the country at the end of the 14th century.

imageMosque Muslim Tatar in Poland

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