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Archaeologists Find Tomb of Muslims in Malta

Archaeologists Find Tomb of Muslims in Malta
Malta Workers stumbled across a Muslim cemetery was made known in 1675. Archaeologists are combing the findings suspect this cemetery is final resting place of Muslim Turkey.
The next two archaeologists working around the clock to document the findings. Harapanya, will unfold over a lot of information from the cemetery.
"We're trying to clean up the debris around the bones. Then record everything that we find," said an archaeologist, Marvin Demicoli, as quoted timesofmaltasd, Saturday (10/2).
His colleague, Michelle Padovani said that the remains of the cemetery in good condition. However, he could not predict how long it will last. "We took Malta transportation agencies to ensure the site can be saved," said Padovani.
Two archaeologists were then dug ditches around the site. They then asked for help from the safety and health authorities to the possibility of collapse.
Of the existing findings, historian, Godfrey Wettinger conclude this cemetery is part of a burial site that was given to Muslims by the Grand Master Niccolo Cotoner in 1675. However, the cemetery was destroyed to build the road for Benten Floriana.
"The system of slavery in Malta ended Napoleon Bonaparte's arrival in 1800. But it still serves the cemetery to bury Muslim until the middle ages," says the historian, Godfrey Wettinger.
Godfrey explained that the British admiral to extend the base to place reliance Maltese ships. Unfortunately, the plan was to sacrifice Ingestion. Luckily, the Turkish government and the British at that time agreed to cancel these intentions.
"In 1874, Malta Muslim cemetery transferred to another site that is Marsa. Site is known as IC-tat-Torok imiterju (Cemetery Turkey)," he explained.
Wettinger are excited by these findings. Akantetapi, he was not too happy because there is no accompanying relics.
Other historians estimate the number of burial is a burial remains of an emergency which was built by the Ottoman Turks in 1565.At that time, Turkey is conducting the siege of Malta.
"I think we should be cautious in concluding these findings. Analysis and further research will answer," said Demicoli.

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