Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mushaf Al-Banteni printing, MUI Prepare Rp 7 Billion

Mushaf Al-Banteni printing, MUI Prepare Rp 7 Billion Ulema Council (MUI) Banten province to prepare a budget of Rp 7 billion in grants budget for printing Bantam 2012 Al-Quran Mushaf Banteni complete with a translation.
MUI chairman Dr H Banten AM Romly in Attack on Tuesday (2/14/2012) said, total grants awarded to the MUI Banten Banten province in 2012 amounted to Rp 9.5 billion.
The budget for the printing of Al-Quran Mushaf Al-Banteni worth Rp 7 billion, the remaining USD 2.5 billion for operating aid MUI provincial, regency / city, as well as Banten district.
"Mushaf Al-Banteni this plan will be printed with the translation, cultural ornaments decorated with a thick feel of Islamic Banten," he said after the inauguration of the caretaker PM Romly MUI Banten solemn period 2011-2016 in the hall of the Governor of Banten.
AM Romly said the publication of Al-Quran Mushaf Al-Banteni originally initiated by the Governor of Banten Rt Atut Chosiyah and realized in 2009.
But in the first printing, Mushaf Al-Banteni not completed the translation and the second printing will be completed translation.
According to AM Romly, Mushaf Al-Banteni completed translation aims to communities, especially Muslims in Punjab can understand and interpret the contents of the Koran.
"We deliberately wanted to have a translation so that people do not just read Al-Quran to get the reward, but also to interpret and understand its contents to be carried out in life," he said, loaded Reuters.
Through the printing of the Mushaf Al-Banteni with the translation, Bantam MUI hope people can get used to reading the Quran every sunset and dawn, so as to increase the faith and foster love amongst you.
He claimed not to determine the amount to be printed and the printing location because it is still in the study of the MUI Bantam team. But those who have standardized printing and print quality as well as qualifying for the Koran.
Rt Banten Governor Atut Chosiyah said in his speech, printing Al-Quran Mushaf Banteni Banten province is an effort to increase public craze Bantam read Al-Quran and be proud of being unique and written by the son of Banten. *

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