Friday, February 3, 2012

Lebanon cleric: Birth of the Prophet Muhammad Never To the extent Celebrations

Lebanon clericBirth of the Prophet Muhammad Never To the extent Celebrations

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID - Saturday (4/1) tomorrowMuslimsworldwide will celebrate the birthday of Prophet MuhammadSAWLebanon cleric expects the Prophet's birthday celebrationsare not only limitedbut the momentum for Muslims to continuethe teachings of Muhammad sallallahu.

Islamic Council of LebanonSheikh Mohammad Anis Arwadi,said the birth of the Prophet Muhammad brought significant changes for people in the religious and social Bohemian.

"Despite the differences in response to the celebration of the Prophet, Muslims must focus on efforts to implement the teachings of the Prophet," he said as quoted,Friday (3/1).

Lebanon cleric, Sheikh Mustafa Al-Jaafari, to assess the celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad is an opportunity to remember his teachings"Prophet's birth is an important event for the communityWe need to notice what theProphet Muhammad for our lives," he said.

Jaafari added to this celebrationMuslims must not forget toexpress gratitude to God for the gift of the arrival of a model of humanity. "Unfortunately, I have never celebrated his birthbecause of the deteriorating security situation," he said.

Such as IndonesiaLebanon set the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad as a national holidayHowever, there are different views about this celebrationMost of the Lebanese people have the view that today there are only two major Islamic Eid al-Fitr andthe Eid al-Adha. However, others, the birthday of ProphetMuhammad SAW is a great day Islam.

For the citizens of Lebanon are celebrating the birth ofMuhammad sallallahuusually serves as secret, a kind of jelly-coated nuts and rose water soupChocolatecandy snacks are also served in celebrationIn recent years, the people of Lebanonare also exchanged gifts.

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