Friday, February 10, 2012

Intense Anti-Islam Propaganda Conducted by British Tabloid

Intense Anti-Islam Propaganda Conducted by British Tabloid

REPUBLIKA.CO.IDLONDON - British tabloid continues tospread anti-Muslim propagandaThis occurs due to the emphasis by some British journalists.

Richard Peppiata former journalist for the Daily Star saidthat the editor at some tabloid journalists forced them to createstories that show that Muslims and immigrants living in Britainhave threatened the communityHe stressed that the story made ​​more general by the bombing of London on June 7, 2005yesterday and the U.S. attacks on 11 September 2011 ago.

"Since the event (7/7) and (9/11), Muslims have been labeled in the tabloids as 'Baddy Cartoons'. On that incident, someone to blameAnd unfortunatelyit is the Muslims who choose to describe as 'criminals', "Peppiat said on Tuesday (7/2).

Peppiat stated that the article is insulting Muslimspublished bythe influential newspaper in the UKThus, it plays directly on the lives of people and cause violence in the streetsHe also said,because of this news, the immigrants also had negative effectson society.

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