Saturday, February 4, 2012

Boarding School of Sulaimaniyah UICCI Inaugurated by the Minister of social Indonesia

Boarding School of Sulaimaniyah UICCI  Inaugurated by the Minister of social Indonesia

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID - Boarding School Foundation Sulaimaniyah under the center of the Islamic Cultural Association of Indonesia (UICCI) was inaugurated in Jakarta, Saturday (4/2). Inauguration by Minister of Social Affairs, Salim Al Jufri Segaf.
"I appreciate the foundation that builds schools UICCI not only in Indonesia but in other countries, including non-Muslim countries," the Minister said during a speech at the inauguration of the boarding school.
UICCI foundation to build schools to improve Islamic education in Indonesia is predominantly Muslim. The existence of pesantren it also aims to provide quality science learning opportunities and high quality as well as kaffah revive Islam.
The Minister admitted interested in the school system how to improve the behavior, because of Islam because of courtesy and behavior of noble character who spread around the world."I'm so glad the kids are taught how noble spirit, so also will build the character of the nation," added the Minister.
According to the Minister, the people of Indonesia have the character and identity are like mutual assistance. He cited the event of natural disasters all the people together to help the victims.
Then by the Minister, such institutions which provide education UICCI Foundation for the improvement of morals need to work together with other foundations and government would support such efforts.
UICCI Foundation has opened a branch school in 5000 over a hundred countries to take the concept of the Ottoman Empire. In Indonesia present the foundation since 2005 and already has eight branches, four in Jakarta, two in Aceh and one each in Yogyakarta and Kalimantan.

UICCI already dispatched their students to the science of religion that the Turkish Armed Shafi'i fiqh, aqeedah Asha'ira, Turkish and Arabic.

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