Saturday, February 11, 2012

Insulting the Prophet Muhammad on Twitter, Arab JournalistsDetained Interpol

Insulting the Prophet Muhammad on Twitter, Arab JournalistsDetained Interpol

Malaysian police arrested a Saudi Arabian journalist accused ofinsulting the Prophet Muhammad. Detention was ordered byInterpol (International Police).

Officials in Kuala Lumpur said the arrests were made when the journalist arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Thursday (9/2). Not yet clear whether these journalists will be extradited or not.

The journalist, Hamza Kashgari (23 years) write booms onSaturday, when Muslims commemorate the birth of ProphetMuhammad SAW. Kashgari wrote in his Twitter account, "I'veloved the things about you and I have hated many things about you, and there are many things that I did not understand about you. I will pray for you."

The statement was regarded as blasphemy of the ProphetMuhammad. In fact, in his home country, Saudi Arabia, suchblasphemy could result in the death penalty.

Malaysian authorities did not explain where Kashgari leave forKuala Lumpur. According to the chirping of the users of Twitter,he allegedly fled the country after Saudi King ordered the arrestitself.

Kashgari Twitter account now appears to have been removed.Previously, he has apologized for his statement. Kashgari alsoremove the offending chirp booms soon after reaping more than 30 thousand responses and death threats.

But it was judged to be sufficient to stem the humiliation he had done. The scholars even called for him to be brought to court for punishment.

So far, Malaysia has no formal extradition treaty with Saudi Arabia. However, an official who did not want his namepublished, said Kashgari can be extradited based on bilateralsecurity agreements other.

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