Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Veiling is prohibited Muslim schoolgirls, Thai Muslims Protest

Veiling is prohibited Muslim schoolgirls, Thai Muslims Protest

Thailand's Muslim community held a peaceful demonstration in front of the Prime Minister's Office, Tuesday (10 / 1). They were protesting the treatment of the Buddha School who banned students wearing the Muslim headscarf.

In its action, the Muslim community, said Wat Nongjok High School refused to allow Muslim girls to wear headscarves when entering the school. The move, opposed by the ministry of education rules stating that the student has the right to choose their uniforms.

"Even the education ministry has sent a letter explaining the school acts as an abuse of power," the statement quoted them as nst.com.

On that occasion, the Muslim community also revealed a number of teachers and school administrative staff refused to teach and work because there are students who wear the hijab. Therefore, the Muslim community requested the Prime Minister Shinawatra Yingluck to provide a solution to the problem.

Minister of Education Woravat Auapinyakul when meeting the Muslim community, stated, every student with diverse religious backgrounds are entitled to wear appropriate school uniform beliefs. "This issue will be discussed for each school in order to avoid misunderstandings," he said.

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