Sunday, January 8, 2012

Aqeedah Imam Four

Aqeedah Imam Four

Divide between our mosques with Hanafiyah because Si Fulan, one of those juriststhink of us as experts dhimma"The proposalwas submitted by a few figures to the mufti Syafi'iyyah Sham in the late 13th century Hijri.

  In addition, many jurists Hanafiyah memfatwakan cancellationprayer behind a Hanafi Imam Shafi'i oneSimilarly, on the contrarysome jurists Syafi'iyah memfatwakan cancellation of aShafi'i prayer behind a Hanafi imam.

It's among the many examples of cases of fanaticism that led todisputes and schools of Muslim disunityReality is very unfortunate, even forbidden in Islam.

Allah Almighty says: And hold fast to the rope, all of you (religion)of Allahand do not crumbledand remember the favor of Allahunto you when the first (period of Ignorancehostile hostility, Godunites hearts, then becomes for you because it favors God'speople are brothers(Ali 'Imran: 103).

  Why do people who claim as a Four followers of the Imam'senemiesDo they have a different aqeedahWhat about theaqeedah of Imam Four?

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