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MUI: Shia religious teachings of Islam which is not Wrong, as well as religious sects such as Sunni

MUI: Shia religious teachings of Islam which is not Wrong, as well as religious sects such as Sunni

Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Umar Shihab never argued that the MUI issued a fatwa that Shias heretical teachings. Shia is a choice in embracing Islam. People's human rights must be protected Shiites embraced. Therefore, we should be careful about the possibility of pitting the design behind the arson case of boarding schools in Madura Shiite, last week.

Similarly, the common thread statement MUI chairman Umar Shihab, Secretary PW Ansor Rosyadi Hamid Imron in East Java, and Surabaya KontraS Working Committee Coordinator, Andy Irfan J separately, yesterday.
Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations Inspector General of Police Police Headquarters Saud Usman Nasution said the information obtained from the police, firing Shiite pesantren in Sampang, Madura, it triggered a family problem, namely the conflict sisters Rojul different Rois and religious streams.In addition, according to Saud, who was burned mass is not boarding, but three houses and one mosque. Disputes between Rois and Rojul itself is a problem for long.
Meanwhile, Umar Shihab said the MUI never banned Shiite doctrine. Sunni and Shiite sects are major schools in the Islamic world. Therefore, the MUI regretted the burning of huts Shiite events in Sampang."MUI principle that no heretical Shiite sect. Therefore, MUI urged Muslims not factionalized and maintain ukhuwah Islamiah and not commit acts of violence against different groups," Umar said here on Sunday.
In a separate occasion, Imron Rosyadi effort designed to assess existing social conflicts in Sampang. "The same incident with the same issue just happened in Bangil," he said in Surabaya on Sunday.
Because of that, he reminded the public to be alert to the possibility.Imron argues, vigilance concerning the design of conflict is important that the community is not easily provoked similar things. In this connection, he said, community leaders should be prevented so that the case was not widespread."We also hope the government is able to provide assurance of safety and security for all citizens, including followers of Shia, to run the beliefs and worship in accordance with the 1945 Constitution," said Imron.
On the other hand, the Commission for Disappearances and Victims of Violence (Kontras) Surabaya judge, human rights (Human Rights) in Sampang Shiite pilgrims are still not protected. "We are still receiving reports from the field that most houses of Shias who still lives in Nangkernang looted and robbed persons unknown," said Coordinator of the Working Committee KontraS Surabaya Andy Irfan J.
Meanwhile, the police managed to arrest a case of arson perpetrators of this Shiite boarding. Police are still hunting two other actors.
According to the Head of Public Relations East Java Police Comr Mulyana Grace, after a meeting with MUI Sampang and ranks Muspida Sampang regency in East Java Mapolres Saturday, unknown actor named Musrikan arrested, a local resident. While two people who otherwise are so fugitive and Saniwan Muhlis.
Until yesterday, two suspected perpetrators are still chased by the police. "The suspect allegedly Musrikan as the person most responsible for this arson case," said Rahmat.
Those who have been arrested and named as a suspect snared article 170 and 187 of the Criminal Code with a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

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