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2012, Indications of rejection against Muslim communities in the U.S. Still Strong

2012, Indications of rejection against Muslim communities in the U.S. Still Strong

Throughout the year 2011, the Muslim community still finds the anti-mosque protests, anti-sharia law and all other negative things. In 2012, an indication of rejection of the U.S. public against Muslim communities remain, far from extinguished. This was stated by Director of Education on Religious Freedom, Newsmuseum, Charles C. Haynes.

According to Haynes, even though most Americans do not think all Muslims are dangerous but the notion of Islam synonymous with violence remains. "A lot of studies that suggest a rejection of Islam, no matter some of the many Muslim communities and institutions that help the U.S. in the war against extremism, millions of Muslims have undergone the practice of their faith freely and peacefully for generations without any change konsititusi," he said as quoted, Wednesday (4 / 12).

That fact, says Charles, who showed his slip aggravate the personal existence of Islam and Muslims in the U.S.. In 2011 then, the U.S. public who care about religious freedom began to push back the implementation of religious freedom. "I can say here, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other religious people have been boycotting Lowe, in large U.S. cities," he said.

Extremism-related problems, said Charles, the U.S. public had no reason to worry about that. Therefore, the Muslim community itself is active in power and efforts to fight extremism. The Muslim community is also active in law enforcement against the extremists.

According to Charles, it is also true for sharia law. He said the law does not ban the implementation of sharia law have passed. Similarly, the ban on building mosques. "Last year, we feel fear and hate. This year, let's make efforts to enforce freedom of religion," he concluded.

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