Saturday, January 7, 2012

Faith To Qadar (Destiny) Good And Bad

Faith To Qadar (Destiny) Good And Bad

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Group of survivorsAhlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah believe in Qadr isbetter or worse. Faith in faith in every Qadr includes texts aboutQadr and level. No one can resist the ordinance of God Almighty.

  Faith in the Qadr has four levels: FirstAl-'Ilmu (Science). That is, believing that God with His knowledgewhich is the nature ofhis azali and eternalGod is Aware of all that is in heaven with all its contents, as well as everything on earth with all its contentsas well as what is between themboth globally and in detail, either already occurred or will occur.

  Allah is Aware of the dry or wet leaves, seeds that grow and othersAllah is Aware of all the unseen and He has knowledge of all deeds of His creaturesand knows all their particularssuch asobediencesinnersrizkideath, happiness and woeAllahSubhanahu wa Ta'ala says:

"And in Him are the keys of all things unseenno one knowsexcept Himselfand He is Aware of what is on land and at sea,and there was a fall of a leaf but He know it (also )and the acorndoes not fall even in the darkness of the earth nor anything wet ordrybut written in a clear (lawh Mahfuz). "

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