Sunday, January 29, 2012

MUI: Many People Leaving the Sunnah

MUI: Many People Leaving the Sunnah

Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) city of Bogor,West Java, Indonesia Ibrahim Adam is concerned about thecondition of Muslims today which left many SAW RasullullahSunnah.

"Muslims today are many who forget-Sunnah Sunnah RasulullahSAW and they are too busy chasing the world so leave thesunnah," he said in the event Haul to-4 West Cilendek Boarding Schools, Wal Muslihien bland city of Bogor, Sunday.

Behavior of people at this time he continued very alarming, notinfrequently until Muslims become easily broken apart by the conflict in the world.

"All blinded by the world, the pursuit of wealth, such as buildingluxury homes, adds a more luxurious car again. While theprovision to return to the netherworld forgotten," he said.

Adam said that Islamic teachings forbid tidah looking fortreasure, but treasure treasures collected are useful for worshipsupplies.

MUI concern deepened when he saw many Muslim officials whoare also blinded by the world and forget about the Hereafter.Many officials are happy to collect the treasure at all costs.

"The proof, we see now, many officials after retirement instead ofenjoying a happy retirement, but, instead dealing with the lawbecause the case involved corruption," he said.
According to Adam, the new penalty law in the world, yet the law of God Almighty to be received later on the Day of Judgement,because all the leaders will be held accountable somedayHereafter, "he said.

sources: antara

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